Groundbreaking Resource for Survivors of Abuse & Trauma

Promoting Awareness | Victim Empowerment has teamed up with celebrity talent, advocates, and over 1,200 local agency partners across the country to launch a groundbreaking new resource for survivors of trauma and abuse called This new platform was designed to help survivors of PTSD, human trafficking, sexual violence, domestic violence, and/or childhood abuse thrive … Read more

Kickstarter Launches for BodyPedia Smart Scale

BodyPedia launches its first smart scale on Kickstarter, the first body fat scale with 97% accuracy to rehabilitate BIA technology. Inaccurate body data outputted by scales on the market that declare they apply BIA technology might leave customers to doubt if BIA is reliable. The fact is BIA has been proven to be accurate by research, but four-electrode … Read more

World Suicide Prevention Day Is September 10. Access Bars® Practitioners Launch Month-Long Mental Health Initiative

Access Consciousness®, a global personal empowerment movement present in over 176 countries, has today announced a month-long support initiative in response to the global decline in mental health, to align with both World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10) and World Mental Health Day (October 10). Facilitators will offer complimentary Access Bars® sessions during September and October … Read more

Canadian Perfumer Teaches How to Regain Sense of Smell and Taste After COVID With New Book WHY the NOSE Published by MY Nose Initiative Inc.

A recent study by J.R. Lechien, et al. (2021), suggests about 86% of people who have COVID-19 lose some or all of their ability to smell. An ongoing Virginia Commonwealth University study (Reiter, 2021) shows 43% of participants who lost their sense of smell or taste due to COVID feel depressed, with 87% of participants reporting … Read more

The Hemp Doctor Re-Launches Delta 8 Medibles

The Hemp Doctor, America’s Premier Hemp & CBD Dispensary, has re-launched their Delta 8 Medibles after initially failing to meet customer expectations. The company quickly re-launched the product after complaints regarding the flavor and texture of the edibles. The new line of Delta 8 edibles is already included in the online inventory and is now … Read more

A Tasteful New Authority is Reinventing Our Approach to Sex: Introducing PleasureBase

PleasureBase understands that sex can seem complex, which is why they’ve created a tasteful platform equipped with informative guides, educational insights and leading advice from highly regarded and well renowned Sexperts, Sexologists and Sex Therapists. With the aim of normalizing conversation around physical connection, self-love and sexual health, PleasureBase exists to stamp out any negative … Read more

ASCENDtials Launches Its First Online Yoga Retreat Through a Partnership With Onyeka Tefari and Nikki Bose

ASCENDtials today announced a new partnership with Onyeka Tefari, at Onyeka, and Nikki Bose, a yoga instructor at reUnify Yoga, for a new partnership and service launch. This partnership is to promote ASCENDtials 1st Online Divine Femininity Yoga Retreat, Aug. 20, 2021, starting at 12:30 p.m. PST, and is intended to give participants exposure to African Kemetic Yoga, … Read more

CBD Body Blends Celebrates National CBD Day With 4-Day 50%-Off Sale

On a mission to help people Have a GREAT THC-Free DayTM through better health and wellness without impairment, CBD Body Blends is celebrating #NationalCBDDay (Aug. 8) with a four-day 50%-off sale in-store and online Saturday-Tuesday (Aug. 7-10) on all regularly priced items with coupon code CBDME. The THC-free CBD company handcrafts hundreds of everyday products onsite … Read more

Gymage – Miami’s Newest Instagrammable Gym Is More Than Just a Gym

In the heart of Miami Beach, the iconic Bhojwani Tower is now home to Miami’s newest Instagrammable gym: Gymage. Initially based in Madrid, Gymage Lounge Resort has become an attractive spot for celebrities, sports players, influencers, and models worldwide. The vibe is unique and captivating due to the modern architecture, futuristic vision, and social fitness … Read more

YubiHealth Partners With Vail Place to Launch Mental Wellness App

YubiHealth has announced the launch of EMPWR 2.0, the second release of an innovative new app designed to assess total wellness and improve mental health, to members of Vail Place, a community-based organization that provides recovery services for adults with severe mental illnesses. The Vail Place community were involved in a unique program to test … Read more