Tech Startup ‘’ Reimagines the Gig Economy With a ‘Monetize Your Time’ Approach for Influencers and Instructors

A CNBC report shows influencers with a very engaged tribe can make upwards of $1 million per post. Those celebrity juggernauts like Kylie Jenner and movie star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are pulling in top dollars with over 200 million followers. But one revolutionary platform reaches the up-and-coming media influencers, bloggers, and instructors looking to … Read more

Neapolitan Labs Teams Up With Monsido for Better Web Governance for Their Clients

Neapolitan Labs, a full-service agency focused on counties, schools, communities, as well as convention and visitor bureaus (CVBs), has teamed up with Monsido, a leading web governance platform, to deliver a superior and more inclusive digital presence for their clients. Neapolitan Labs was looking for a tool that would allow them to efficiently scan, identify … Read more

Research Finds Web Designers Feel That Their Work is Undervalued

Research from web host 20i has revealed frustration among web designers over their clients’ attitudes towards pricing. The survey of 500 web designers found 87% believe clients often underestimate the cost of web design, and only 12% think they charge enough for their work. The survey indicates that the average annual income for a full-time web designer is approximately £23,000/$32,350. These findings place web design behind … Read more

Hyperslice Joins Fight to Make Internet Safer for Children

Managed IT Solutions group, Hyperslice, owner of eukhost and Webhosting UK, has increased its commitment to internet safety by becoming a Member of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), a UK charity dedicated to the removal of child sexual abuse content from the internet and the protection of child victims. Supported by the European Commission and backed … Read more

Monsido Announces Merger With ArchiveSocial

Monsido, a leader in digital governance solutions that enhance user experience, announced today that it has merged with ArchiveSocial, the leading provider of public records and archiving software for government agencies, law enforcement officials, and educational organizations. The transaction follows the completion of ArchiveSocial’s previously announced acquisition of NextRequest, a leading provider of automation and … Read more

Successful Video Production Company Gets a New Look From Sprinkles Media

The digital marketing business, launched in 2021, played an integral role in transforming Ricky Zollinger Media’s brand. And that’s saying something. Ricky Zollinger Media is a video production company aiming to arm businesses with content designed for growth. RZM reaches these goals through aggressive social media campaigns and cutting-edge videos to drive user engagement. Ever since … Read more

Monsido and Hannon Hill Integrate for Seamless Website Management

Hannon Hill, makers of the award-winning Cascade CMS, has integrated with Monsido, a leader in web governance solutions, to deliver a seamless experience for users to automatically scan, identify and correct website errors.  The integration between Cascade CMS and the Monsido platform provides users with an efficient and time-saving workflow to address website issues, such … Read more

CitizenPath Awarded as a Top Technology Innovator for Immigration at InterCon Las Vegas

CitizenPath, a legaltech company that simplifies the U.S. immigration process, received a “Top 50 Tech Companies” award at InterCon Las Vegas. The award is recognition of the company’s software that empowers average people to correctly and affordably prepare U.S. immigration forms. When navigating the immigration system, most people are forced to choose between expensive legal … Read more

Monsido Unveils Consent Manager Tool for Accessible and Straightforward Website User and Cookie Consent

Monsido, the leading digital governance solution that enhances user experience, today announced the launch of its newest product, Monsido Consent Manager. As an integral part of Monsido’s efforts to help websites become more user-friendly and compliant, Monsido Consent Manager is an easy-to-use tool for user consent on websites in line with regulations, such as the … Read more