NuEyes Targets Gaming and Entertainment With Pro 3e

NuEyes, a pioneer in the field of augmented reality smart glass technology, announces the release of the Pro 3e. The Pro 3e smart glasses are set to target the “light” enterprise customers as well as the gaming and entertainment space. The Pro 3e offers best-in-class features such as overall weight at 68 grams, 148″ viewing … Read more

Joel McHale & Co-Founders Launching App That Lets You Play Video Games With Celebrities

A star-studded team including actor and comedian Joel McHale, New England Patriots defensive end Chase Winovich, and Aer frontman Carter Reeves have built a revolutionary social gaming platform called Kleos Live, which lets fans play video games with celebrities and influencers. The company hopes to be a leading force in the roughly $150B video game … Read more

Kickstarter for ULTIX MagGo™: Simplify Carrying the Nintendo Switch With High-Tech Magnetic Solution

ULTIX designed the magnetic drop-down game station built into the MagGo™ travel bag to maximize the portability of the Nintendo Switch. With three successful Kickstarter campaigns already under the company’s belt, outdoors specialists ULTIX is hoping MagGo™| The Ultimate Nintendo Switch Compact Carry Bag follows suit.  Technology and video games are rapidly evolving, game consoles are constantly changing, and upgrades are always occurring. The game bag … Read more

New Game Announced for the We Were Here Series

Total Mayhem Games – Exciting news from the Antarctic. A completely new co-op adventure awaits explorers to embark on. We Were Here Forever will arrive in Q4 2021 on Steam, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S, featuring a lively world, all-new challenges and puzzles with a thrilling story and intriguing areas to explore. Watch the … Read more

Akupara Games’ Game Jam Sprouts 3 Unique Prototypes Available Now

Akupara Games is thrilled to announce the release of three titles as a result of Akupara Jams – their team-building game jam. Like many others, the company is seeking to engage their employees during the hardships of lockdown, and so, to forge relationships and raise team spirits, this exercise provided a noticeably positive impact on … Read more

4D Fun Announces Release of the Brown Family Diaries VR

4D Fun, Inc. is proud to announce the upcoming release of “The Brown Family Diaries” VR Experience, featuring original music by Sleepy Brown and Organized Noize. The first chapter of The Brown Family saga is scheduled for 1st quarter 2021 on Steam and Oculus Quest and will feature the release of the first single “I Want You.” … Read more

Teaser Trailer Release and First Impression of Return to Nangrim

Sycoforge will release a teaser trailer of the debut game «Return to Nangrim» on January 8th, 2021. The teaser trailer provides a first insight into the fabled universe of Arafinn to fantasy and adventure communities alike. The teaser shows wide-open landscapes with monumental dwarven statues, and a dwarf which though he looks troubled seems warm-hearted. … Read more