Storied Hermitage Inn in Southern Vermont Reopens With Award-Winning Culinary Team & Luxury Interiors

Proprietors Mary Lou Ricci and Tim Hall, in collaboration with James Beard Award-Winning Chef-in-Residence Michael Schlow and ADV Hospitality, reopened the long-shuttered Hermitage Inn in West Dover, Vermont, today. The newly renovated property, situated in the foothills of Haystack Mountain, features gorgeous natural landscapes, refurbished custom interiors by designer Shannon Mozelak and architect Lisa Pacheco, multiple … Read more

Minority-Owned Start-Up ‘Book Room Online’ Aims to Help Customers Find Accommodations During Post-Pandemic Travel Boom

After the past year and a half of quarantine, shutdowns, and travel restrictions, people are ready to get out and resume seeing the world and all it has to offer. Experts are anticipating a shortage of hotel rooms over the next year or so because of the pent-up demand. Post-pandemic, many travelers are interested in … Read more

CityHealth Launches RapidReturn COVID-19 Travel Kit

CityHealth, the leading provider of Urgent Care and COVID testing solutions in the San Francisco Bay area, launched an innovative COVID testing solution for travelers. The RapidReturn Kit allows US-bound travelers to take a supervised Rapid Antigen test and receive travel-approved results from anywhere in the world. Priced at just $75 per kit, each kit … Read more

CityHealth Expands Pre-Travel COVID-19 Testing to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

CityHealth, the leading provider of urgent care and COVID testing solutions in the San Francisco Bay area, is pleased to announce a partnership with Biomedical Center de Occidente of Puerto Vallarta, a renowned physician-owned medical center and lab located in downtown Puerto Vallarta, to offer pre-travel COVID-19 testing for U.S.-bound travelers.  For $58, this Rapid … Read more

‘SendMePic’ – an Image Sharing App Is Now Available on the Apple App Store and the Android Market

Available on all the online platforms, the SendMePic app facilitates the quick and easy sharing of live photos of locations that are shared by the users. The app is one of a kind and the first ever empowered with high-quality images and photos embedded with enticing features and unique benefits. A perfect app designed for travelers, … Read more

CityHealth Introduces Hawaii Drop-Off Test Kit

CityHealth, the leading provider of Urgent Care in the San Francisco Bay area and Trusted Testing Partner for the State of Hawaii, announced today a new testing option for Hawaii-bound travelers, the Hawaii Drop-Off Test Kit.  The Hawaii Drop-Off Test allows travelers the opportunity to collect their own nasal swab sample at home, under the … Read more