NY Statues Top the List of Top 10 Most Visited Statues

The travel app Visited by Arriving In High Heels Corporation has published a list of the top 10 most visited statues around the world. Visited, available on iOS or Android, is a travel app with over 1.5 million users that allows users to mark off places they’ve been around the world. Users can also browse top travel destinations, see … Read more

Matthew Keezer Recommends Seychelles as a Great Destination Option During COVID-19

Seychelles is one of the most popular travel destinations, thanks to its stunning beaches, breathtaking wildlife, world-class diving experiences, and tasty Creole cuisine. The great news is that Seychelles is open to visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic and remains one of the relatively safe destinations to visit. Matthew Keezer, the former CEO of Momentum Travel and … Read more

First of Its Kind, Colombia Motorcyclists Guide Book Released: ‘Jeff & Alan’s Guide to Motorcycle Travel in Colombia’

The first of its kind, motorcyclists guide to travel in Colombia: “Jeff & Alan’s Guide To Motorcycle Travel In Colombia” just released. Even though other travel guides exist for Colombia and South America, this is the very first one that focuses specifically on adventure motorcycle travel. The book was written to meet the demand for … Read more