The Softwood Lumber Board and U.S. Endowment Launch Initiatives for Increased Carbon and Sustainability Transparency in Wood Products

The Softwood Lumber Board (SLB) announces funding for carbon transparency projects in partnership with the United States Endowment for Forestry and Communities (the Endowment). The funds will support coordinated research exploring the creation of resources and tools to enhance expertise and data across the wood product value chain. Three priority projects will address questions from … Read more

Wood’s Role Solving the Industry’s Carbon Challenge and Expansion of SLB’s Education Offerings Highlighted in SLB Q1 Report

The Softwood Lumber Board (SLB) recently published its 2021 Q1 Report, which recaps the SLB’s progress in growing incremental demand for the softwood lumber industry. Since its inception, the SLB has promoted wood’s sustainability credentials and is, in partnership with its funded programs — the American Wood Council (AWC), Think Wood, and WoodWorks, aggressively working … Read more

WoodWorks Announces 2021 Partners

WoodWorks – Wood Products Council is pleased to announce its 2021 partners, which represent all facets of the wood products industry. It is through their financial support that WoodWorks, a non-profit organization, is able to deliver on its programs to support developers, architects, engineers and others involved in the design and building of wood structures. … Read more

SLB Assessment Increase Ruling Published in the Federal Register

The Softwood Lumber Board (SLB) is pleased to announce the final notice approving the assessment increase for Softwood Lumber Research, Promotion, Consumer Education and Industry Information Order was published in the Federal Register on Feb. 25, 2021. The new rate will go into effect on April 1, 2021. This rule amends the Softwood Lumber Research, Promotion, … Read more