Former Chief Investment Strategist of Bridgewater Associates Rebecca Patterson Joins Washington Speakers Bureau’s Exclusive Speakers Roster: Available for Bookings

“We are proud to represent one of the most powerful women in finance,” said Ryan Heil, President of the Washington Speakers Bureau. “Rebecca’s expertise and insights in economic and financial markets will be invaluable to companies and organizations as they navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by today’s complex economy.” Patterson is a globally recognized … Read more

10 Bagger Stocks: Canada’s Top Stock Market Source

There’s a wealth of dedicated finance pages on Instagram and YouTube, but there isn’t many quality finance pages geared towards Canadians. 10 Bagger Stocks Corporation exists to fill that gap.  Everybody talks about stocks that are listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq. The problem for Canadians investing in US stocks is … Read more

SavePlanetEarth’s Certified Carbon Credit Smart NFTs Poised to Make Impact on Climate Change

Environmental company SavePlanetEarth (SPE) is setting up its very own certified Carbon Credit Smart NFTs to bolster efforts in combating climate change from a cryptocurrency angle. SPE has partnered with various governments and NGOs worldwide to tackle climate change, successfully contracting over one billion trees to be planted and protected throughout the Maldives, Sri Lanka, … Read more

The Wealthy Investor on the Importance of Financial Planning

2021 has seen a wild explosion of retail investors putting their money at risk by guessing which penny stock will be the next big thing. This new wave of retail traders seems to lack a stock market education. “Educated traders know how to research the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 for viable … Read more

Docoh Makes Its Professional Stock Research Platform Free for Everyone

Docoh, the popular website for researching stocks, has made all of its data and tools available for free. Over 15,000 registered users already use Docoh to analyze data about public companies and stay updated about their portfolios and watchlists in real-time. With today’s change, all features and data that were previously part of the paid … Read more

Investment Opportunity Available With 4biddenknowledge Inc.

Billy Carson’s 4biddenknowledge has been profitable since 2017, its first year in operation. Revenues have more than doubled since last year and are projected to continue to grow aggressively. 4BiddenKnowledge is a television app available for streaming via Apple TV/App Store, Roku, Amazon, Google Play as well as directly from its website. 4biddenknowledge provides educational and informational … Read more

Yieldstreet Reviews the Best Places to Invest $500

Many people are well aware that making smart investments are a great way to build on income and start saving for the future. But most fail to explore investment opportunities based on the assumption that investing “isn’t for everyone,” or that they need exorbitant amounts of capital to get started. Luckily, both of these notions … Read more