IEA to Use GHGSat Data in Globally Recognized Methane Tracker

GHGSat is collaborating with the International Energy Agency (IEA) and making aggregated facility-level high-resolution data from its satellites available to integrate into its reports, starting with the Global Methane Tracker 2023. GHGSat is providing the IEA with measurements performed by its constellation of six satellites at individual industrial facilities around the world. This unique insight … Read more

Cambrian Works Awarded SpaceWERX Orbital Prime Contract for Space Operator Robotic Terminal Interface & Environment (SORTIE)

Cambrian Works and SRI International announce they have been selected by SpaceWERX for an STTR Phase I in the amount of $250K to investigate how Cambrian Works’ Iris, a space software-defined network product, in conjunction with SRI’s dexterous robotics capabilities, would enable In-space Service Assembly and Manufacturing (ISAM) capabilities being explored by the Department of … Read more

GHGSat Signs With KSAT for Satellite Constellation Operations

Managing a constellation of satellites requires constant supervision, know-how and dedication. GHGSat, a global leader in high-resolution remote sensing of greenhouse gas emissions from space, is taking the next step to enhance the secure and effective operation and control of its satellites as it swiftly expands its constellation.  Well known for its Ground Station Services and … Read more

NKrypt Awarded Space Development Agency Contract to Demonstrate Mesh Encryption for Satellites

NKrypt, Inc. was awarded a contract by the Space Development Agency (SDA) for Phase II of a Mesh Network NSA Certifiable Cryptographic Solution. In Phase I, NKrypt delivered a design for a high-speed, multichannel, mesh network cryptographic component that provides high assurance encryption of data in transit across Optical Intersatellite Links (OISL) in low earth … Read more

MUFON Announces Support of National Defense Authorization Act and Federal Government’s Investigation of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenal

With the Dec. 15, 2021, Senate passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), expected to be signed into law by President Biden, the Department of Defense will be back into UFO investigations in a public way. MUFON executive director David P. MacDonald acknowledged that it “looks as though we’ll have some competition in the investigative arena, and … Read more

GHGSat Confirms Launch of Its Next Three Satellites With SpaceX

GHGSat, the world leader in high-resolution remote sensing of greenhouse gas emissions, is building on its momentum to deploy a constellation of satellites in collaboration with the global technology leader ABB. GHGSat’s next three satellites, GHGSat-C3, C4 and C5, will be launched into orbit in summer 2022 on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket as part of the … Read more

Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) Announces $20M Investment in GHGSat to Advance World’s Only High-Resolution Satellite-Based Greenhouse Gas Detection System

GHGSat, the world leader in high-resolution remote sensing of greenhouse gas emissions, announced today that it will receive CA$20 million from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) to further advance the world’s only satellite-based high-resolution greenhouse gas monitoring system. This funding announcement is directly aligned with the Government of Canada’s and SDTC’s goal to support Canadian … Read more

Canadian Government Supports GHGSat to Provide First High-Resolution Satellite Emissions Data to International Methane Emissions Observatory (IMEO)

Today, at the COP26 climate summit, Stephane Germain, CEO of GHGSat, and the Honourable Steven Guilbeault Minister for Environment and Climate Change Canada, announced that Canada will be contributing the first high-resolution satellite dataset to the International Methane Emissions Observatory (IMEO). IMEO is an independent, international hub for collecting and verifying methane emissions data. The … Read more

Astroengineering Technologies LLC Announces Project to Make Space Travel Cost Equal to a Train Ticket by 2045

The scientist and engineer Anatoli Unitsky, founder of Astroengineering Technologies LLC,  suggests exploring space with the General Planetary Vehicle (GPV) operating on electricity. The project is under development by Unitsky’s team of engineers and could be implemented by 2045. The cost to go into space using GPV would be equal to a train ticket. The GPV will … Read more

Rebel Space Technologies Awarded NASA Cognitive Communication Contract

Rebel Space Technologies has been awarded a NASA Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract for their proposal SpaceWeaver: A Collaborative Smart Network for Space Communications. The proposal leverages Rebel Space’s proprietary Rebel Cognitive Communications & Control software (Rebel-C3) for autonomous network management, in addition to their partner Prewitt Ridge’s VerifAI capability. SpaceWeaver utilizes … Read more