Astroengineering Technologies LLC Announces Project to Make Space Travel Cost Equal to a Train Ticket by 2045

The scientist and engineer Anatoli Unitsky, founder of Astroengineering Technologies LLC,  suggests exploring space with the General Planetary Vehicle (GPV) operating on electricity. The project is under development by Unitsky’s team of engineers and could be implemented by 2045. The cost to go into space using GPV would be equal to a train ticket. The GPV will … Read more

Rebel Space Technologies Awarded NASA Cognitive Communication Contract

Rebel Space Technologies has been awarded a NASA Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract for their proposal SpaceWeaver: A Collaborative Smart Network for Space Communications. The proposal leverages Rebel Space’s proprietary Rebel Cognitive Communications & Control software (Rebel-C3) for autonomous network management, in addition to their partner Prewitt Ridge’s VerifAI capability. SpaceWeaver utilizes … Read more

CONTEC Is a Korean Startup That Is Gearing Up to Transform Space Tech

CONTEC, a Korean startup gearing up to transform the space sector, is working towards providing holistic solutions required for downstream data transmitted by satellites. Launched in 2015, the space tech company aims to capitalize on the emerging ‘New Space’ era. The startup is a spin-off company from Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI), offering Space Ground … Read more

First-Ever Satellite Capture of Methane Emissions From Trona Mining

On June 13, 2021, GHGSat has captured the first-ever satellite observation of methane emissions from trona mining activities, with a spatial resolution of ~25m. In a world-first, a GHGSat commercial satellite has detected a methane emission from the trona mining area of Green River Basin, Wyoming – the location of the world’s largest natural deposit.  … Read more

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America’s NEXX Technologies Announces Strategic Partnership With Tipton-Goss

On Monday, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America’s (MGCA) NEXX Technologies advanced composites business unit announced its strategic partnership with Tipton-Goss, Inc. This partnership will allow NEXX Technologies to leverage Tipton-Goss’ unique high-performance prepreg and film adhesive technologies in the advanced composites, space and aerospace market segments.  With over three decades of advanced composites formulating and manufacturing … Read more

Vaya Space and Athens State University Sign CubeSat Launch Contract

Vaya Space and Athens State University announced an agreement to launch a small satellite (CubeSat) now in development, planned for placement into low earth orbit in 2023. In addition, they have formed a business-education partnership to promote scientific, technological, and research collaboration; foster internship opportunities for students; and encourage life-long continuous learning and professional development … Read more

GHGSat Announces Research Project to Demonstrate Satellite-Based Measurement of Methane Emissions From Offshore Sources

GHGSat today announced a new research project to assess the feasibility of its unique high-resolution, space-based methane monitoring technology to measure emissions from offshore oil and gas platforms. Chevron, Shell, and TotalEnergies are supporting the 12-month research project, which is expected to achieve a world-first in demonstrating high-resolution satellite-based monitoring of anthropogenic methane (CH4) emissions … Read more

Canadian Space Tech Companies Partner to Deliver Next-Generation Earth Observation Data

SkyWatch Space Applications Inc. (“SkyWatch”), a Waterloo-based space technology startup, announced today it has signed an agreement to deliver data management capabilities to Wyvern, a commercial space data company headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Founded in 2018, Wyvern was created to make high-quality hyperspectral data accessible and affordable. Wyvern’s data will unlock new possibilities in … Read more

SpaceJLTZ Selects TerraStream to Manage Hyperspectral Data for Precision Agriculture Application

SkyWatch Space Applications Inc. (“SkyWatch”), a Waterloo-based space technology startup, announced today it has signed an agreement to deliver data management capabilities to SpaceJLTZ, a commercial satellite company headquartered in Puebla, Mexico.  Founded in 2020, SpaceJLTZ is on a mission to democratize access to space technology to solve problems in the economic, social, and government … Read more