Clubhouse app survey: entrepreneurs are considering possible scenarios for using the app, but half of users express concern about the loss of a sense of exclusivity

Key findings of the Clubhouse 2021 phenomena study: 1. Entrepreneurs are actively studying the new format. The most extensive audience of Clubhouse is top managers and company executives. Entrepreneurs are the most active users of the app — 35% of them spend more than half an hour in the app, while only 23% of executives … Read more

O’Connor Institute For American Democracy Launches LAB 102

The Sandra Day O’Connor Institute For American Democracy will present a free online webcast, The Holy Grail: Can Social Media and Civil Discourse Coexist? The complimentary webcast will feature Monica Anderson of Pew Research Center and Beau Kiniry of BuzzFeed on Thursday, March 25, 2021, at 2 p.m. EDT.   The Holy Grail: Can Social Media and … Read more

GugeeData: The #1 Social Media Analytics Tools Releases Instagram Influencer Analytics Feature

GugeeData, as a pro social media influencer analytics tool specialized on TikTok and Instagram influencer analytics, designed to optimize marketers’ influencer marketing strategies. GugeeData has newly released a feature of Instagram influencer which help marketers locate the right influencers to collaborate instantly. Find the Right Influencers The powerful search engine of the Instagram user search … Read more

Bula: The New Social Challenge App

Bula, a first of its kind social media platform, focusing on interactive challenges with friends, celebrities, influencers, and brands that users love. For the first time, Bula provides a centralized platform where users have the ability to create head-to-head and group challenges. Many of the current, large social media platforms attempt to accomplish challenge-based exchanges, … Read more

New Ad-Free Social Platform OG.Social Launches with Revenue Generation for Creators

OG.Social announces the launch of its new social platform – an app looking to revolutionize the way creators and influencers earn money. Focusing on creators and users, instead of the typical brands and advertisers, OG.Social will always be ad-free, have a chronological feed and will leverage Google’s Cloud Vision AI to implement user controlled content … Read more

Notifier Discusses the Importance of Proactive Social Listening

Notifier is a startup out of Houston, Texas that allows companies to get notified when their brand is mentioned online. Currently, we only support Reddit but are rolling out support for many other platforms in 2021. A lot of our customers understand the concept of Social Listening. That is, they know they need to leverage a tool … Read more