Vista Social Launches the First Ever TikTok Content Planner

Today, Vista Social, a modern and forward-thinking provider of social media management software, announced that they are the first platform to offer a TikTok content planner. This new feature will allow businesses to streamline their workflow and create more content that converts by making it easier to curate and schedule posts in Vista Social for a cohesive view of content planning.  … Read more

Gerohan Irias Joins The Influencer Marketing Factory as TikTok Talent

On October 10, 2021, The Influencer Marketing Factory has signed yet another new creative into their team of talents that will be represented by the agency. Gerohan Irias (@gerohanirias) is the newly signed TikTok creator that is now part of The Influencer Marketing Factory. His bold and outgoing personality really surprised The Influencer Marketing Factory’s … Read more

Fall in Love With Luive, the World’s Only Ad-Free Fully-Monetizable Social Network

Welcome to Luive (, the first and only global social network that offers talented professionals an unrestricted platform to monetize their original content, and fans, friends and followers the opportunity to directly support them. The ad-free service empowers and connects creators such as artists, influencers, entrepreneurs, gamers, cosplayers, writers/bloggers, dancers, fitness experts, photographers, DJs, musicians, … Read more

Leading Influencer Marketplace Collabstr Expands to 30+ Countries, Including Australia and the UK

Collabstr announces the launch of their influencer marketplace in over 30 countries, including Australia and the UK. The company’s purpose is to transform influencer marketing and open new collaboration opportunities for businesses and creators worldwide. Collabstr is a marketplace to find and hire influencers. Collabstr gives brands the ability to search thousands of influencers and … Read more

Fred VanVleet Joins UTU.ONE

The Toronto Raptors’ Fred VanVleet, who has made a career of always betting on himself, has announced he will be joining UTU.ONE as a key influencer in preparation for the official 2021 UTU.ONE launch. The move also opens the door to the massive global sports and collectable market.  Equipped with an indomitable spirit and self-belief, Fred … Read more