Staccato Launches New Website

Staccato 2011, LLC announced today the launch of its redesigned website to better meet the needs of Staccato’s diverse range of customers. Marine Corps veteran Nate Horvath, CEO said, “Today’s relaunch serves as a testament of our company’s dedication to innovation and continuous improvement. In 2020, we renamed our company to Staccato and today’s website … Read more

The Bumotec s191H From Starrag Hits the Target by Producing Complete Firearm Slides for the Sports Gun Industry in One Machine Cycle

Probably the most important aspect of sport shooting is accuracy. People see it in the Olympics, on the range and in the field. Exactness is shooting’s time-honored metric. Numerous factors impact accuracy, however — stance, aim, breathing, distance to the target, control, backdrop and, of course, the firearm itself. While Starrag can’t control the human … Read more