Do You Need an Attorney for Estate Planning?

Estate planning can feel overwhelming. After all, creating a long-term plan based on all of your accrued assets, and planning for where they should go after you pass, can just add stress to the pile.   Sometimes, bringing an attorney into the picture can alleviate some of the stress and help make estate planning a breeze. Here are five good reasons to work with an estate planning attorney if you’re struggling with estate … Read more

3 Things You Should Know About Estate Planning

iQuanti: Estate planning is not just for the wealthy–everyone can plan for what happens to their assets and belongings after death. Everything you own is part of your estate, from your home, your belongings, your investments, and anything else that you own and is named by your estate.   Estate planning helps you decide what will happen to … Read more

Solas Wealth Launches Wealth Management Business, Servicing Clients With a Needs-Focused and Relationship-Based Approach

Solas Wealth today announced the launch of their wealth management firm, spearheaded by industry veteran and author Mike Komara. In an industry notorious for commoditizing their customers, Solas Wealth serves clients with a more personal relationship — helping identify their financial goals and building a portfolio growth plan accordingly. The mission to treat clients with … Read more

Leading Wine Investment Firm Expects U.S. Business to Quadruple in Size by End of 2021 and Become Largest Investment Market

OenoGroup, a leading wine investment firm, today announced that it projects the United States market to quadruple in size and outpace all other countries to become the largest wine investment market by the end of 2021. To handle its projected expansion, OenoGroup also announced plans to relocate its New York office to Miami by early … Read more

Investors Direct More Than $1 Billion to iTrustCapital Crypto IRA Platform

iTrustCapital, the world’s largest crypto IRA retirement account platform, released its 1Q2021 report providing a comprehensive snapshot of investment activity on its platform. The report highlights the parabolic growth of their Crypto IRA / 401k product. Investors deposited over $300 Million of new capital onto the platform in the first quarter of 2021, and total … Read more

Augusta Precious Metals Releases Joe Montana Corporate Ambassador Origin Video

American precious metals provider Augusta Precious Metals announced the release of a video conversation between Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana and Augusta’s director of education Devlyn Steele. In the conversation, Montana reveals how he came to be the company’s corporate ambassador – and customer. “This was a great opportunity to find out more about how Mr. … Read more