Altogen Biosystems Announced Its in Vivo Nanoparticle-Based Transfection Reagent is Effective in Brain-Targeted Drug Delivery and Capable of Overcoming Blood-Brain Barrier

Altogen Biosystems, leading manufacturer of in vivo transfection products, announced today that Altogen’s nanoparticle-based in vivo Transfection reagent (product catalog #5031) was demonstrated to be effective for glioblastoma-targeted co-delivery of plasmid DNA (3.7kb) and chemically modified siRNA. This transfection reagent was used in over 30 research publications, demonstrating highly efficient delivery of cargo nucleic acids to the following tissues: lung, liver, … Read more

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and Mayo Clinic Researchers Develop New Technique to Study ‘Microcancers’ and Screen Cancer-Fighting Drugs

A team from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s Grainger College of Engineering and Mayo Clinic have developed a new technique for creating “microcancer” cell cultures. It allows researchers to form hundreds of microcancers in a high-throughput format using a small, microfabricated chip, enabling direct measurement of cell health or response to drugs. It also allows … Read more

Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc and Bruker Biospin Announce Strategic Partnership for the Global Distribution of CIL’s NMR Solvents

CIL, the world’s leading producer of stable isotopes and stable isotope-labeled compounds, has been providing the broadest range and highest quality Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) solvents for 40 years. Bruker is the market leader in magnetic resonance spectroscopy instrumentation including NMR, time-domain NMR, EPR and preclinical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with more than 60 years of innovation … Read more