Sovrn Research Shows ‘Engaged Time’ Delivers More Than Twice the Attention of Viewable Time

New research from publisher technology provider Sovrn shows that “Engaged Time” offers a better way to predict ad performance than the current industry standard. The IAB defines a viewable impression as one where at least 50% of the ad’s area is displayed onscreen for at least one second. Engaged Time goes significantly further by combining … Read more

Wise Publishing Secures $5M Investment From Strategic Investor

Wise Publishing, Inc. (“Wise Publishing”), the fast-growing personal finance publisher whose popular websites and are visited by 10 million unique monthly readers, today announced it has secured a $5 million investment from a leading online media company. The funding will provide Wise Publishing with more resources to offer a broader array of content … Read more

Video Intelligence Announces New Collaboration to Deliver Associated Press Video Content Contextually

video intelligence [vi] and The Associated Press [AP] have struck a new deal that will see vi deliver AP content contextually to its publishing partners. This means publishers who use vi’s contextual video matching service will now have access to AP content, and advertisers can access this instream inventory. It’s the latest addition to video … Read more

Sovrn is First SSP to Support IAB Tech Lab’s Seller Defined Audiences Specification in

Sovrn Holdings, Inc, a publisher-focused technology company, today announced its participation in a proof of concept (POC) focused on testing programmatic seller-defined audiences in the bidstream with network partners. In preparation for the loss of third-party cookies, Sovrn is partnering with Prebid’s Taxonomy Taskforce and IAB Tech Lab’s Addressability Working Group to support using IAB … Read more

Author T.L. Hershey’s New Book ‘Raptors on the Flambeau Book Two: Teen Years’ is a True Story of a Teen Boy Coming of Age in a New Town, With His Complicated Family

T.L. Hershey has completed his new book “Raptors on the Flambeau Book Two: Teen Years”: the second of a gripping true story about family and life through the eyes of a young man, tormented who struggles to come into his own. T.L. writes, “The Raptor family has just come through a tumultuous thirteen-year saga. Now … Read more

diacriTech Acquires Flexpub and

diacriTech has announced the purchase of Flexpub™ and oLibraryTM in March 2021. FlexpubTM is an online publishing platform offering innovative tools for marketing, publicity, and sales of books, journals, and newsletters. Capitalizing on advanced browser-based eBook rendering capabilities, it enables readers to go straight from cover to content without any downloads or special apps. Flexpub allows … Read more