Killer Podcasts: True Crime From Evergreen Podcasts

Histories, paranormal and true crime—Evergreen Podcasts has launched a curated collection of killer podcasts just in time for Halloween or any time for listeners who love a thrill.  The new catalog features ParaTruth, The Mad Scientist Podcast, Crime Capsule and Who Killed…? and many more. These shows range from the macabre to truly bizarre, … Read more

The Benefits of Online Therapy

The internet has made virtual services of all kinds possible, and the pandemic accelerated the adoption of services like online therapy. But how can someone know if online therapy is right for them? Let’s talk about the pros and cons. Additionally, has a list of the best online therapy services so that patients can find more … Read more

History + Mystery = Crime Capsule on Evergreen Podcasts

Crime writing comes to life. There’s a road back into time where you can learn about some of the most mysterious, strange and shivering crimes of the past. It’s called Crime Capsule, and host Benjamin Morris’ in-depth interviews with noted crime authors are now part of Evergreen Podcasts’ true crime lineup.  DNA testing. The Dixie Mafia. New episodes every week delve into notable cases from coast to coast, … Read more

Become Better: Applying Emotional Intelligence

Dr. Ann Polya demonstrates how to have a better tomorrow by improving emotional intelligence, which affects thinking abilities via better memory, decision-making, and also makes success more likely – even when uncertainties prevail. Indeed, emotional intelligence will facilitate good choices in the coming technological changes of the future. Everyone has emotions and feelings – the basics of emotional intelligence – and … Read more

Prodana Launches Its Pay-It-Forward Crowdfunding Platform to Promote Mental Health Through the Power of Generosity

Prodana is the first of its kind “pay-it-forward” crowdfunding platform, allowing individuals to create “offerings” with a focus on helping others; recipients of their kindness can then make contributions to help others in turn. The platform only pays out funds raised when acts of kindness are confirmed by the recipients, while also collecting ratings and … Read more

Citizens for Mental Health Reform Calls for Signing of Petition to Re-Sentence All Psychiatric Security Review Board Clients

The following is an open letter from Citizens For Mental Health Reform on our proposal to re-sentence all Oregon Psychiatric Security Review Board Clients from the maximum to what they would have gotten on the Oregon Sentencing Guidelines if they didn’t have a mental health condition. Attention Mental Health Peers, Family Members and Compassionate Allies … Read more

Florida Human Rights Watchdog Protects the Rights of the Vulnerable

The Baker Act, the mental health law in Florida that allows for involuntary psychiatric examination of individuals no matter their age, has come under fire by Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR). A mental health watchdog established by the Church of Scientology in 1969, CCHR is dedicated to eradicating abuses committed under the guise of mental health. Attorney Justin … Read more

ClinicTracker EHR Announces a Major Redesign of Its Patient Portal

ClinicTracker, the complete EHR solution for mental health and substance abuse agencies, announces a major redesign of its Patient Portal. ClinicTracker’s Patient Portal 2.0 has a modern, appealing interface that guides clients to the information relevant to their care. The screens are more simple, responsive, and organized than the previous version. The responsiveness of the … Read more

New Washington North Carolina Psychiatry Practice Opens

A psychiatrist in Washington, NC has started a new mental health practice that is now open and extending the best psychiatric care to the patient population of eastern North Carolina. The practice is called Carolina Psychiatry and more information can be found online at The private psychiatrists in the area of Washington, North Carolina … Read more

Mental Healthcare Industry Clients Name the Top-Rated Behavioral Health Software and Services Solutions, Black Book™ 2021 Survey

Black Book Market Research LLC received survey responses from 2,420 behavioral health clinicians and professionals from 2,281 provider sites to determine the vendors outperforming in client satisfaction and user experience in the evolving mental healthcare IT niche. A growing mix of 137 vendors offering behavioral health support services, core products and solutions, software, consulting and … Read more