The Will to See: A Conversation With Bernard-Henri Lévy

Christians in the West are willing to decry the wanton slaughter of fellow believers in the Middle East, yet slower to protest massacres of far great magnitude in Nigeria, according to Bernard-Henri Lévy’s new book and film, The Will to See. Lévy will engage with the press on Wednesday, October 27, 2021, at Hyatt Regency, … Read more

MicroHealth LLC Newest Addition to the 2021 Corporate Diversity Index

MicroHealth LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer and promotes diversity and inclusivity throughout the workforce. The Company’s leadership is dedicated to upholding its EEO policy to recruit, promote, train, and provide equal and competitive compensation and benefits to all of its employees. These efforts have earned MicroHealth a top spot — 3rd place — in … Read more

New Song Release by Michael Ricks in Honor of Black Union Soldier Statue to Be Unveiled October 23 in Franklin, Tennessee: ‘Fighting For Their Day’

On Saturday, Oct. 23, 2021, the City of Franklin, Tennessee will unveil a full-size statue of a USCT (United States Colored Troops) Soldier on Main Street Square. Written by Michael Ricks and Jason Collins, “Fighting For Their Day (The Fuller Story)” is a song that honors the freed slaves that served in the Union Army’s … Read more

Virginia Majority Makers PAC Announces Support of 10 House GoP Candidates

The Virginia Majority Makers Political Action Committee today announced the selection of their 10 Republican “challenger” candidates for the 2021 House of Delegates elections. The candidates selected have demonstrated, through a three-stage process, their outstanding abilities in key areas such as grassroots engagement, fundraising and other major viability components. “This first class of Majority Makers are … Read more

New Political Science Conference Planned in Response to Academic Bias

In response to a recent decision to sideline the Claremont Institute’s panels at an annual gathering of political scientists, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) has announced today that it will host the American Politics and Government Summit (APG Summit) in the fall of 2022. This Summit will bring together scholars to participate in dialogue focused on … Read more

Candidate for Florida State House District 88, Sienna Osta, Esq., Fights for Change in Tribute of Gabby Petito Case

In the wake of the Gabby Petito tragedy, Florida citizens finally realize the extent of a crisis that has plagued this great state for centuries — missing persons. Unfortunately, Gabby Petito is not an anomaly. “The harsh reality is that most of these cases are forgotten and go nowhere,” Sienna Osta, Esq., Candidate for State … Read more

Ahmadzai, CEO of Taleam Systems, Announces Support of Afghan Leader Ashraf Ghani in Fleeing War-Torn Nation, Despite Challenges

It was about life and death, states Meladul Haq Ahmadzai, CEO of Taleam Systems, regarding Ashraf Ghani’s political departure from Afghanistan last month. He says, “We were told to wait, and wait, but there was no sign of the president active in the media, thus he made a sound decision to flee and choose life and … Read more

CA Black Health Network Applauds Improved Access to CGMs, Pushes for Equitable Qualifying Criteria

The coronavirus pandemic shines a bright light on the social and health inequities that have long existed in Black and African American communities. According to the California Health Care Foundation, the life expectancy at birth for Black Californians is 75.1 years – five years shorter than the state average and the lowest of all racial and … Read more