Democratic Gubernatorial Challenger Meet Kevin Paffrath is Holding a Campaign Rally in Bakersfield Sunday July 18

Democratic Gubernatorial Challenger Meet Kevin Paffrath will be holding his 12th campaign rally on Sunday. The rally will be taking place at the Marriott’s Grand Ballroom. The Rally will consist of a one-hour speech, a Q&A, and giveaways for attendees. Channel 17 KGET will be filming the event but all media is welcome. The rally … Read more

Ché Ahn Presents ‘Leading With Conviction’ an Event With Mike Pompeo to Promote Strength in Biblical Values Against All Odds

Presented by Harvest International Ministry (HIM), Revive California (HIM’s local initiative), and Latino Coalition for Israel, ‘Leading with Conviction’ is an exclusive single-day leadership forum taking place on July 22nd, 2021 in Pasadena, California. Its mission is to highlight the power of upholding biblical values in the face of extreme social, cultural and political opposition. … Read more

New Democratic Challenger to Newsom Becomes Fox LA’s First In-Person Interview Post Covid; Proposes Ending Water Shortage & $2,000/mo.

On Monday, July 12th Meet Kevin Paffrath was Fox LA’s first in-person interview since the Covid-19 pandemic. During his prime-time interview, Meet Kevin Paffrath outlined his plan to solve homelessness, the water shortage, education, and the housing crisis. Meet Kevin Paffrath also attacked the idea of identity politics as he believes that the issues facing … Read more

J. D. Vance to Headline Major Conference in Alexandria, VA, July 23-24

The Intercollegiate Studies Institute announced today that on July 23-24, an all-star roster of thought leaders will gather for one of the year’s most significant conferences: The Future of American Political Economy The conference addresses a key question that conservatives have been grappling with:  Do we need to rethink our approach to the economy? America … Read more

New Report Examines Structural Racism’s Effect on Covid-19 Pandemic

BLK Uprising has released its report on structural racism in the U.S. under the Covid-19 pandemic.  According to the report, multiple factors contributed to the high percentage of deaths in minority populations throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. The report examines how minorities are exposed to more air and water pollution making people more susceptible to a … Read more

A Call for American Renewal National Town Hall – June 24, 7:30 P.M. ET

Following the national launch of A Call for American Renewal, key stakeholders in the effort to chart a new, more principled path for the GOP and the country are hosting a nationwide town hall to answer public questions and announce new developments in the path forward. Participants include former high-ranking Republican officials and elected leaders, … Read more

Faith Leaders From Across the Country Join Together in Washington D.C. This Week to Proclaim, ‘My Vote is Sacred’

In response to a domino effect that first began in the State of Georgia earlier this year, faith leaders from around the country will join together in Washington, D.C., this week for a series of events promoting the need for voting rights legislation. African Methodist Episcopal Church announces that the “My Vote is Sacred” events will … Read more