A Brief Paws Pet Podcast Releases New Episode on Freeze Dry Pet Taxidermy

A Brief Paws, the pet podcast produced by professional groomer Ani Corless, launched a new episode this week covering the new phenomena known as freeze-dry taxidermy. The episode features Shane Eddy, a professional taxidermist from Wildlife Studios in Slater, Missouri, that specializes in this method and serves customers nationwide. “Freeze-drying is … basically removing the moisture … Read more

A Brief Paws Pet Podcast Returns for Season Two

A Brief Paws, the pet podcast produced by professional groomer Ani Corless, recently launched the first episode of its second season, just three months after concluding a successful 10-episode first season. Episode one features veteran New York City dog trainer and author Kate Perry and dives deep into pandemic puppies, new pet ownership, balancing two-and-four legged … Read more

Collars vs. Harnesses & Retractable Leashes: The Debate

A Brief Paws, the pet podcast produced by professional groomer Ani Corless, launched a new episode discussing one of the most often debated questions from pet owners: collar or harness, what type of lead is best? The latest episode features professional dog trainer Zack Kiser from American Dog Pros in Black Forest, Colorado which specializes in … Read more

Pet Feeding Reimagined: Magnetic Slow Feeding Puzzle Bowl and No-Mess Mat By Trot

The anticipation of food coming out excites everyone, but this usually results in speedy eating. Unfortunately, this is not the best for human digestion, and it also holds true for animals. Luckily this innovation will help pets eat at a more natural pace. Trot has developed a thoughtful stainless steel pet bowl designed to make mealtime more engaging, with other … Read more

Puppy Mill Awareness Day – Festival in Berthoud, CO – Thousands Expected to Attend

Raising awareness about this important canine welfare issue, the Puppy Mill Awareness Day festival expects to draw thousands of guests to Berthoud, CO from around the state and across the country. This dog-friendly, family event hosted by Harley’s Dream, will feature food trucks, music, vendors, a doggie flea market, contests, and a Blessing and of the … Read more

Dr. Elsey’s Transforms Customer Stories Into Animated Cat Litter Series

Dr. Elsey’s speaks for cats, and now their customers do too in the brand’s first-ever animated short film series.  With a variety of litters that offer a solution to every problem or preference, Dr. Elsey’s asked their customers to submit a story from their cat’s point of view and share how their products have made … Read more

Swim-Dana’s Coming to a Beach Near You!

PinkPaw Co. introduces a new bandana style into their line of existing pet accessories. Their new Swim-Danas are a customer favorite during the summer months! Made of luxurious high quality swimwear material, they are specifically designed for dogs who love to swim and need to keep cool during the warmer months.  In their existing product assortment, PinkPaw … Read more

Say Goodbye to Slimy Pet Bowls!

CopperPet® introduces a new copper pet bowl into their line of existing copper-infused products that naturally shields against bacteria and fungi. Copper has inherent antimicrobial properties that have been widely studied and known for centuries. This is one of the reasons that copper pipes are used to supply water to households all over the world. Their new CopperPet® … Read more

‘Two Crazy Cat Ladies’ Influencers Launch Fifth Viral Cat Video

Two Crazy Cat Ladies today announced their fifth viral cat tip video on TikTok in 2021. With a total of more than 14 million views, this achievement is the latest major milestone in Two Crazy Cat Ladies’ mission to help every feline live the longest, happiest, and healthiest life possible. “It’s amazing to see the … Read more

Suzie’s CBD Treats Partners With Best Friends Animal Society

Suzie’s CBD Treats, manufacturer of popular USDA organic CBD pet products, announces their partnership with Best Friends Animal Society this month. Best Friends is leading the no-kill movement by running lifesaving community programs for dogs and cats, providing support and training for animal shelters and rescue groups, and mobilizing community members on behalf of pets … Read more