Super Soaper Launches Innovative Pet Shampoo Solution for Hassle-Free Bathing

Super Soaper, a new player in the pet grooming industry, has just launched its flagship product, a revolutionary pet shampoo solution designed to make grooming our furry friends a breeze. With Super Soaper’s innovative product, pet owners no longer have to struggle with messy and time-consuming pet grooming. Super Soaper is a premium-quality pet shampoo … Read more

Aperture Launches the Most Versatile Aquarium Light in Company’s History

Aperture Pet & Life, the integrated company for some of the largest brands in the aquatics industry, including Bulk Reef Supply, Neptune Systems, EcoTech Marine and AquaIllumination, is pleased to announce the newest light addition to their highly innovative line up of some of the most trusted products by aquarists around the world. The new … Read more

Vitakraft Lick ‘N’ Lap Snacks Named Best Cat Treats of 2022

After being evaluated by PEOPLE’s panel of staffers and their cats, Lick ‘n’ Lap Snacks were recognized for their undeniable appeal due to their squeezable, interactive format and hearty, delicious ingredients. The most popular treat in Vitakraft’s lineup of unique and exciting cat treats, Lick ‘n’ Lap Snacks are made with real chicken and salmon and … Read more

Petworks Announces Partnership With the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT)

Petworks (, the pet care marketplace for a new generation of pet parents and pros, has partnered with the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) in an effort to provide credentialed professional trainers and behavior consultants to a growing number of pet families. This initiative is designed to educate pet parents on dog training, and … Read more

It’s Giving Tuesday! Donate to Save the PAWS Pets

Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement that brings awareness to charities in need of assistance. Since 2012, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving has been recognized as #GivingTuesday, this year falling on Nov. 30. America’s Favorite Pet has been an advocate for the PAWS Foundation for over two years, having made significant donations to PAWS in … Read more

Houndsy Launches Kibble Dispenser – Built With 120 Million+ TikTokers

The Houndsy kibble dispenser makes it convenient for pet owners to feed their dogs and enhance their home decor. Just crank a handle to dispense perfect portions of kibble. With over 120 million views, 390,000 followers, and 70,000 comments, the TikTok community has served as a focus group to help the Houndsy team iterate and evolve the … Read more

Pet Wellbeing Seeks Crowdsourced Nominees for Pet Rescue Donation Drive

Pet Wellbeing seeks to expand their successful grassroots donation drive and requests the public to nominate pet rescue organizations across North America for donations of their holistic pet health supplements. Starting in July of this year, Pet Wellbeing launched the Rescue the Rescues donation drive to support rescue dogs and cats with their health supplements. Pet … Read more

Suzie’s CBD Treats Reaches All 50 States in Donation Goal

CBD pet treat company Suzie’s CBD Treats is pleased to announce that they have reached their Suzie’s to the Rescue donation goal of supplying shelters in all 50 states with Suzie’s reoccurring donations of their CBD products. The Suzie’s to the Rescue program aims to provide quality CBD products to animal welfare organizations to assist them in … Read more

A New Solution to the Age-Old Problem of Dingleberries on Dogs

Frankie & Paisley, a Los Angeles-based clean pet grooming brand, has launched the first-of-its-kind, fanny-focused foam for cleansing and removing dingleberries from dogs. Dingleberries are a very common problem for dogs, especially those with long fur. Known as Pseudocoprostasis, this problem involves feces and hair becoming matted in the fur around the anus area. It can even … Read more

Noble Paws CBD Joins Forces With Leading Pet Diabetes Brand

The only thing better than one brand who truly cares about the pets they cater to is two working together to do just that. Noble Paws, manufacturer of high-quality CBD hemp oil products available at, has officially started marketing efforts in concert with PetTest, the makers of the acclaimed PetTest Blood Glucose Home Monitoring System and … Read more