Skills Gap Analysis Within Organisations Just Got Way Easier With MuchSkills’ Latest Update

Real-time skills gap analysis just got a whole lot easier with the latest release from skills and competency mapping software MuchSkills. With the help of smart filters and insightful data visualizations, the MuchSkills 3.1 update enables teams and organisations to easily identify skill gaps that may affect performance. They can then use this knowledge – which … Read more

MuchSkills 3.0: Map, Manage, Discover and Deploy Workplace Skills Like Never Before

Swedish skills mapping startup MuchSkills announces the launch of MuchSkills 3.0 – a major upgrade that will further revolutionise the way organisations map, manage, discover and utilise workplace skills using its ground-breaking skills visualisation tool. MuchSkills 3.0 will give users deeper, layered and visualized insights into the compositions of teams, departments and organisations in terms of … Read more

Tonkean Survey Reveals Enterprises Lack Resources to Complete Automation Projects

Tonkean, the Operating System for Business Operations, today released the results of a new survey, performed in collaboration with Pulse Q&A, on the state of business process automation, which showed a strong desire among IT leaders to empower their teams with automation but currently lack the resources to do so.    The survey, conducted in June and July … Read more