WholisticResearch Acquires the Domain MyBrainTrainer.com

MyBrainTrainer.com is a domain that has been around for at least 15 years but has fallen out of use. With the acquisition of the domain MyBrainTrainer.com, WholisticResearch announces it will now sell nootropics and brain health supplements. The difference is that MyBrainTrainer wasn’t a nootropics website but a website with information on brain health and … Read more

Q’Apel Medical Announces Move to New Headquarters Facility in Fremont, CA

Q’Apel Medical, Inc., an innovative neurovascular company specializing in developing and commercializing novel access device technology for vascular interventions, announced today that it will relocate its existing headquarters into a new building at 4245 Technology Dr, Fremont, CA, 94538. The 35,000 square foot facility accommodates current and future growth and will enhance employees’ work experience … Read more