COVID-19: Variants, Treatment, and Pandemic Prevention

Experimental Biology and Medicine (EBM), a multidisciplinary biomedical research journal, is working to advance our understanding of COVID-19. The Editor-in-Chief is currently handling manuscripts which focus on COVID to ensure that each paper undergoes a rapid yet rigorous review. EBM’s publisher, SAGE, is committed to assisting in spreading research on COVID by ensuring all accepted … Read more

Advances in the Genetic Etiology of Hearing Impairment

A recently published article in Experimental Biology and Medicine (Volume 246 Issue 13, July, 2021) describes a new genetic mutation linked to hearing impairment. The study, led by Dr. Ambroise Wonkam in the Division of Human Genetics, Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Cape Town (South Africa), reports a variant of the DMXL2 … Read more

IS3NA Announces the 2021 Virtual Symposium

Through International Roundtable (IRT) meetings, IS3NA (The International Society of Nucleosides, Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids) brings together established scientists and younger investigators from around the world, encouraging national and international collaborations on research and applications among academic, industrial, governmental, and private institutional organizations. IS3NA acts as a mediator for communication, cooperation, and understanding between scientists … Read more

Recently Launched Supplementary Study to Analyze the Effects of Work Environment on Microbiome Health in First Responders

Endominance, Inc., a leading assessment and data analytics firm headquartered in California, today announced the recent launch of an adjunct study to their existing research on exercise and resilience in first responders. Lead researchers Endominance and Psomagen are conducting the supplementary study to examine the correlation between cognitive results, body composition analysis, and microbiome state … Read more

ECCO Medical Selected to Participate in Global Randomized Clinical Trial for Treating Hypervascular Tumors

Dr. Charles Nutting, DO FSIR and ECCO Medical, the leading endovascular treatment center in Colorado, are pleased to announce their participation in the Embrace™ Hydrogel Embolic System (HES) global randomized clinical trial for the treatment of hypervascular tumors. The study is sponsored by Instylla, Inc. and focuses on developing next-generation liquid embolics for interventional radiology. Instylla … Read more

Recently Launched Study to Analyze the Cognitive, Physiological, and Psychological Impact of Exercise on First Responders

Endominance, Inc., a leading assessment and data analytics firm headquartered in California, today announced the recent launch of a groundbreaking study to determine how physical exercise builds resilience to the effects of trauma and stress among first responders. Lead researchers First Responder Stress & Trauma (F1RST) and Endominance are conducting the study in conjunction with … Read more

A New microRNA Target for Treating Spinal Cord Injuries

An article published in Experimental Biology and Medicine (Volume 246, Issue 11, June 2021) describes a new target for treating spinal cord injuries. The study, led by Dr. Chunfang Wang, in the Shanxi Key Laboratory of Animal and Animal Model of Human Diseases at Shanxi Medical University in Taiyuan (China), reports that modulating the expression of a specific … Read more

Are You and Your Kids Spending Too Much Time on Screens?

A newly published paper in the American Journal of Ophthalmology indicates that an objective photography called a meibography may help doctors determine if a patient is spending too much time on screens and possibly help detect early autoimmune disease in certain situations. The paper entitled New Indicator of Children’s Excessive Electronic Screen Use and Factors … Read more

Using Gene-Therapy to Target RAS in Gliomas

An article published in Experimental Biology and Medicine (Volume 246, Issue 10, May, 2021), describes a new treatment strategy for glioma. The study, led by Dr. Julun Yang, in the Department of Pathology at the 920th Hospital of the Joint Logistics Support Force of PLA in Kunming (China), reports that targeting RAS, a gene that promotes … Read more

COVID Vaccine-Hesitant Consumers Care About Effectiveness Over Side-Effects

Market research software company today released results from its recent Consumer Preferences for COVID-19 Vaccine conjoint analysis survey, revealing that vaccine-hesitant consumers in the UK and US are most likely to be swayed by a fully-subsidised vaccine that has at least 85% effectiveness – comparable to results from a similar Chinese study.’s research, … Read more