New Relationship Health Book Teaches Mindfulness Practices to Reduce the Likelihood of Divorce

Divorce rates are at their peak, marriages end as soon as couples fail to understand each other from a healthy perspective, or they continue on in shambles unhappily. Through the book Creating Relationship Wellness: An Introduction to the Techniques of Mindfulness for Healthy Relationships, author Stephanie Wijkstrom, licensed counselor and relationship expert, provides couples with … Read more

Sex, Relationships, and Divorce During COVID-19: New Report Highlights Pandemic Effects on Relationships

Love Connection has compiled statistics from multiple sources to find out how coronavirus has affected love and relationships. The report covers dating, sex, and divorce, with a focus on how the pandemic has affected relationships across the board.  “Recognizing the impact the pandemic has had on relationships isn’t straightforward but, by compiling the statistics, we’ve created … Read more