Oxygen Forensics Wastes No Time Introducing Cutting-Edge Features in Latest Release

Oxygen Forensics, a global leader in digital forensics for law enforcement, federal agencies, and corporate clients, announced today the release of the latest version to its all-in-one forensic solution, Oxygen Forensic® Detective. With new extraction methods, access to geodata from millions of networks worldwide, and added Face Search capabilities, Oxygen Forensics wastes no time introducing cutting-edge … Read more

Cobwebs Technologies WEBINT Platform Helped Government Agencies to Gain Situation Insight During and After Major Public Events Resulting in Social Unrest

Cobwebs Technologies announced today that several government agencies have deployed their AI-powered WEBINT platform to gain situation insight during major events this month that resulted in civil unrest and, in some cases, escalated into violent acts such as destroying property and inflicting bodily harm. The government agencies used the Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) solution of … Read more

Staccato Plans for Continued Growth

Staccato 2011, LLC announced today team, product, and distribution updates.  “We are incredibly grateful for the men and women who support us and our mission of protecting and celebrating American freedoms,” Marine Corps veteran Nate Horvath, CEO, Staccato said. “Our team works diligently to back both professional and civilian shooters by delivering the best product … Read more

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, the Largest State Criminal Justice Agency in the United States, Implements eSOPH Background Investigation System

Today, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) transitioned to eSOPH, the industry-leading background investigation software system by Miller Mendel. eSOPH is specifically designed for law enforcement background investigations. The CDCR evaluated at least three other software systems before ultimately selecting eSOPH. By implementing eSOPH, CDCR will reduce their background investigation time by approximately … Read more

The National Center for Prevention of Community Violence Helps First Responders Receive Wellness Help in Ongoing Pandemic

In a time of continued national unrest and an ongoing pandemic, America’s first responders need mental, emotional and physical support now more than ever.  Lighthouse Health and Wellness, through a partnership with The National Center for Prevention of Community Violence (NCPCV), has launched agency-specific wellness programs at 15 law enforcement agencies, providing wellness resources for more … Read more

Police Accountability Prowler Gets a New Face for a New Year

Police accountability has a new face for the new year thanks to the dramatic facelift Cop Blaster Police Misconduct Monitoring received just in time for New Year’s. The upgrade makes people feel like they are using a modern website to browse the latest police misconduct news, dive deep into data dumps, and tell their own stories.  … Read more