HumanTouch Issued Patent for Immediate Response Information Technology Kiosk

HumanTouch announced that it was issued a patent for its Connect2IT! Kiosk by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (Patent No. 11,526,862 B2, titled, “Interactive Information Technology Kiosk”), strengthening HumanTouch’s intellectual property position. Currently deployed in federal agencies and campuses, the HumanTouch Connect2IT! Kiosk is the right solution for IT and CX teams to leverage an … Read more

cStor Launches ManageWise for Mimecast to Help Protect Clients From Advanced Email Security Threats

cStor, a leading provider of cybersecurity, data center and digital transformation solutions, announced today the full release following beta testing of its ManageWise for Mimecast services offering created to help clients dramatically improve Mimecast users’ email security posture. ManageWise for Mimecast provides post-implementation support to proactively ensure the client’s Mimecast email security technology is configured … Read more

Announcing TSplus Remote Support Version 2 With Unattended Access to Remote Computers

With businesses becoming more globalized and workforces working remotely, there is an increased need for remote access solutions to aid in efficiency and productivity. TSplus Remote Support allows employees to gain access to IT specialists who can easily and speedily provide the help needed without being on-site.  Unattended access, also known as unattended remote access, is a way … Read more

TSplus Wins a 2021 Top Performer Award in Remote Desktop Software From SourceForge

TSplus announced today that it has been awarded a Fall 2021 Top Performer Award by SourceForge, the world’s largest software review and comparison website. This award recognizes companies and products with a significant amount of recent favorable user reviews that put them in the top tenth percentile of highly reviewed products on SourceForge. “We’re happy … Read more

TSplus Is Recruiting Resellers in the US

The United States is the Fastest-Growing Market for TSplus Solutions: TSplus International is headquartered in France, but this has never been an obstacle to the Remote Desktop software company’s success across the Atlantic. From the start, the U.S. market has been a major contributor to TSplus worldwide revenues. Although TSplus kicked off its international sales over 10 … Read more

TSplus Advanced Security Offers Intelligent Ransomware Protection to Fight Growing Attacks

The Global Shift to the Home Office Is a Boon for Cybercriminals Remote Desktop solutions such as TSplus give the ability to remotely access Windows servers or workstations; this protocol is widely used in organizations today. Numerous businesses had to shift to remote work to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. This made Remote Desktop a popular target for cybercriminals. … Read more

Work From Home Is Here to Stay, TSplus Can Help Make It Easier and Safer for Everyone

Remote working is not without risks. Cyber-attacks, ransomware and other security issues still keep IT admins awake at night with worry. Yes, remote working is a good thing for most. The question is, how do we protect ourselves when using this kind of setup? Understanding the Concept of Work from Home The entire process is not really complicated. This is a thing that we actually … Read more

TSplus Can Help Businesses Move Away From Expensive Remote Access Solutions

Over 75% of businesses had to transition to working remotely over the past year. Besides concerns regarding the ongoing pandemic, the way we work has been revolutionized by work-from-home arrangements. As businesses start to see that it can work, work arrangements may become a combination of on-site work and remote working in the near future.   Budgets Are Important  Many businesses signed up … Read more

Entara Announces New CEO, Ryan Ikeler, and Formation of Board of Directors

Entara, an industry-leading Managed Service Provider (MSP), is proud to announce the next step in our company’s evolution: the promotion of Ryan Ikeler to CEO and the transition of Founder Linda Maclachlan to Chairperson of the Board. Pamela Diaz will continue in her role as President.   “Ryan has been a visionary for Entara since the day he joined us two years ago,” said Maclachlan. “He has brought new … Read more