OliLux Biosciences Raises $400,000 From Open Philanthropy to Tackle Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

OliLux Biosciences, a public benefit corporation committed to ending endemic diseases through affordable innovation, announced today a $400,000 pilot award from Open Philanthropy. OliLux pioneered a novel solvatochromic trehalose dye, DMN-Tre, that allows accurate detection of tuberculosis (TB) at the point of care in resource-limited settings. Funding from Open Philanthropy will support a new program … Read more

InnoCentive Launches Open Innovation Campaign With Habitat for Humanity to Find Solutions to Prevent Mosquito Bites Across Africa

Open innovation firm InnoCentive is supporting global housing nonprofit Habitat for Humanity in a new challenge to find a solution for retrofitting houses across Africa to reduce the spread of malaria. Focusing particularly on Kenya, where around 70% of the population is thought to be at risk of malaria, the challenge – Malaria Prevention through Innovations … Read more