BioGX Launches ‘pixl™’ Portable qPCR Platform Ex-US With Expanded Test Menu for Infectious Diseases

BioGX, a global provider of easy molecular diagnostic solutions since 2007, announced the Ex-US commercial release of its portable pixl™ qPCR real-time PCR platform for use with BioGX CE-IVD marked assays, enabling global access and complementing the recent US FDA EUA expanded use of Xfree™ COVID-19 Direct RT-PCR on the pixl. The pixl instrument is … Read more

InDevR Launches VaxArray Polio Kit for Faster, Multiplexed Vaccine Characterization

InDevR, Inc., a life science tools company providing powerful analytical technologies to support the development and production of vaccines and biotherapeutics, announced commercial availability of its VaxArray® Polio D-antigen quantification kit for rapid and accurate assessment of polio vaccines at all stages of manufacturing, including multivalent drug product. InDevR’s new multiplexed polio test kit was … Read more

Cov Clinic Helps Open Schools and Summer Camps

To help school children get back into the classrooms, Cov Clinic LLC, a COVID-19 testing company specializing in schools, government, and corporate PCR testing, has been opening pop-up testing sites at schools and camps around San Diego County to provide accurate and timely COVID-19 testing to meet requirements of state and federal health guidelines. “This … Read more

IUVA Releases ‘Far UV-C Radiation: Current State-of Knowledge’ White Paper

The International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) has released a white paper titled “Far UV-C Radiation: Current State-of Knowledge,” which is a scientific review of Far UV-C technology and the state-of-the-art research featuring key conclusions made through analysis of published literature and collation of expert knowledge. Download the White Paper here In addition, the IUVA Far UV-C Task Force … Read more

The NOSTRADAMUS Study: Microvascular Dysfunction in Sepsis

A new study using GlycoCheck, and co-authored by GlycoCheck Chief Science Offer, Dr. Hans Vink, reports new findings of research on patients with sepsis. The study, titled “Identification of novel sublingual parameters to analyze and diagnose microvascular dysfunction in sepsis: the NOSTRADAMUS study” was published in Critical Care. Critical Care is a high-quality, peer-reviewed, international … Read more

OliLux Biosciences Raises $400,000 From Open Philanthropy to Tackle Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

OliLux Biosciences, a public benefit corporation committed to ending endemic diseases through affordable innovation, announced today a $400,000 pilot award from Open Philanthropy. OliLux pioneered a novel solvatochromic trehalose dye, DMN-Tre, that allows accurate detection of tuberculosis (TB) at the point of care in resource-limited settings. Funding from Open Philanthropy will support a new program … Read more

InnoCentive Launches Open Innovation Campaign With Habitat for Humanity to Find Solutions to Prevent Mosquito Bites Across Africa

Open innovation firm InnoCentive is supporting global housing nonprofit Habitat for Humanity in a new challenge to find a solution for retrofitting houses across Africa to reduce the spread of malaria. Focusing particularly on Kenya, where around 70% of the population is thought to be at risk of malaria, the challenge – Malaria Prevention through Innovations … Read more