Migration Crisis is Used to Target Poland and Lithuania With Disinformation

With the situation at the Polish and Lithuanian borders and Belarus intensifying daily, research by shows that the Belarusian state forges false stories to accuse its neighbours of demonstrating offensive capabilities at the border and allegedly carrying out special operations to relocate migrants to Western Europe. Throughout October 2021, analysts looked through 2,797 … Read more

Immigration Lawyer Dmitry Paniotto Offers Expertise on New Policies in U.S. Immigration Courts

Los Angeles immigration lawyer Dmitry Paniotto, with 18 years of experience in the deportation defense field, offers his expertise to undocumented migrants in removal proceedings in connection with the new “prosecutorial discretion” policy recently implemented in U.S. immigration courts. According to Paniotto, the U.S government again decided to allow the Department of Homeland Security attorneys representing … Read more

A Cry for Help: Brother and Sister Who Donated Over 10,000 Laptops to Children Now Losing America as Their Home

The Martinca siblings are losing America as their home on June 21, 2021. Adrian and Miriam Martinca could be poster children for the American Dream. They moved to the United States with their family 14 years ago. Miriam completed her bachelor’s degree at UNC-Chapel Hill and became the first person in the family to get … Read more

Dmitry Paniotto Prepared to Help Venezuelan Refugees Who Take Advantage of Biden Policy

Paniotto Law, a law firm that has experience with immigration cases in Los Angeles, recently announced that they will be able to assist Venezuelan refugees with their immigration. This is specifically in response to the Biden administration’s new policy. Recently, the Biden administration announced that they are “granting temporary protected status to Venezuelan migrants living … Read more

Immigration Map is the Simplest, Fastest Path to a Green Card

During the coronavirus pandemic, everyone felt helpless. There was no basic information regarding safety and security, no clear rules to follow, and significant uncertainty about the future. But as successful New York City immigration attorneys, Min Chan and Sumaiya Khalique also know that immigrants feel that same helplessness every day. That’s why they created Immigration … Read more