Latest Employee Experience Research Finds That 80% of Organisations Feel Employee Mental Health Has Been Negatively Impacted by the Events of 2020

A comprehensive in-depth report into the response of businesses and their employees to the Covid-19 pandemic has been published by Bristol based employee experience agency, Home in association with Inspiring Workplaces.   The international research, known as Roundel 2021, surveyed 634 professionals at over 600 organisations around the world. The report identifies trends in how … Read more

Neeyamo Joins Velocity Network Foundation to Fuel Its Blockchain-Enabled Internet of Careers® Initiative

Neeyamo, a global leader in offering platform-based HRO services, is delighted to announce that it has partnered with Velocity Network Foundation, to build a globally accessible, reliable Internet of Careers®. Through this partnership, Neeyamo would help drive Velocity Network Foundation’s mission to leverage blockchain technology to develop a global career credentials platform. Talent acquisition demands organizations … Read more

Titan ATS is Conquering Unintentional Bias in the Hire Process by Revolutionizing the Applicant Tracking System

Titan ATS announces its innovative Applicant Tracking Technology that puts the focus on people, not documents. This unique, patent-pending technology uses data from the resume combined with information provided by the applicant to create masked candidate profiles. No names, dates or any other potentially discriminatory information will be displayed to the hiring team. These profiles feature a candidate … Read more

Engage2Excel Releases CXS Recognize 2.1, Focusing on Improving the Employee Experience

Engage2Excel Group, a leader in innovative recruitment, recognition and engagement solutions, is pleased to announce its continued commitment to helping organizations deliver engaging experiences throughout the talent lifecycle with the release of its latest version of CXS Recognize. Engage2Excel Group created CXS Recognize to enable organizations to easily and effectively recognize and reward employees for … Read more

Best International Health Insurance Plans of 2021

International Citizens Insurance, the world’s leading broker for international health insurance plans, announced its list of the top 10 best global health insurance companies for 2021. This year’s winners are recognized as the best international health insurance plans based on a variety of factors, including cost, customer service, coverage options, and overall quality. “With everything that has … Read more

Rosen Group Expands to Offer HR Technology Consulting Services

Rosen Group, a leading national staffing and coaching firm specializing in HR, has expanded its suite of services by offering HR technology consulting through its partner, HRComputes. Now mid-sized and enterprise organizations throughout the country have a single source for securing vital HR support. The new service from Rosen Group allows HR leaders to get … Read more

MyHealthMath Releases Health Benefits Equity Audit

MyHealthMath today announced a new health benefits equity audit to help employers optimize their benefit design to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. Employers can use the audit to learn whether employees across income levels and demographics have an equal opportunity to choose a cost-effective health plan. Traditional common benefit designs are often inequitable, a fact … Read more

Neeyamo Joins Forces With Ferretly to Offer World-Class AI-Powered Social Media Screening Services

Neeyamo, a market leader in offering platform-based global HRO services to multinational organizations, is elated to announce its strategic partnership with Ferretly, a leading AI-powered social media screening platform provider focused on mitigating organizations’ employment risks. Through this partnership, Neeyamo, as part of its end-to-end background screening solution, can now offer cutting-edge AI-enabled social media … Read more