Engage2Excel Recruitment Solutions Named a 2021 Major Contender in Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Services by Research Firm Everest Group

Engage2Excel, Inc. a leading provider of recruitment, employee engagement and recognition services, is positioned as a Major Contender in Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services in the 2021 Everest Group PEAK Matrix report. “Engage2Excel Recruitment Solutions is thrilled to be included in this report for the third year in a row,” said Darren Findley, president of Engage2Excel … Read more

Cangrade Helps Organizations Increase New Hire Quality With Free Job Description Decoder

Cangrade, a leading bias-free AI-based hiring solution that predicts job candidate success, launched its Job Description Decoder, an easy and free way for organizations to reduce bias, improve their talent pipeline, and find the right fit for their roles by identifying the soft skills their candidates need for success. Identifying the soft skills needed for … Read more

Engage2Excel Named Leader in Rewards and Recognition Outsourcing by Everest Group Research Firm

Engage2Excel, Inc., a global provider of recruitment, employee engagement and recognition technology and services in the HR industry, has been named a Leader for the third year in a row by Everest Group in its “Rewards and Recognition (R&R) Solutions PEAK Matrix™ Assessment with Service Provider Landscape 2021” report. The Everest Group PEAK Matrix report evaluates the recognition & … Read more

dotin Inc. Announces PerFit-HR: Employee Productivity Loss and Disengagement Insights for Work.com, Salesforce AppExchange

dotin Inc. today announced it has launched PerFit-HR: Employee Productivity Loss and Disengagement Insights for Work.com on Salesforce AppExchange, empowering customers to navigate remote talent management decisions with a top-down view of business resilience by pinpointing where potential productivity loss and disengagement may occur. When the COVID-19 crisis emerged, many companies instantly transitioned their workforces to Work … Read more

Kazoo Launches Special Recognition to Support Milestone and Employee Experience Programs

Today, Kazoo, the all-in-one employee experience platform, announced the launch of Special Recognition — a flexible recognition and rewards experience to better highlight milestones and drive internal program participation. The company also launched Special Catalogs, an effective rewards framework for managing Special Recognition programs, enabling customers to offer meaningful rewards tailored to a specific employee … Read more

Cliquify Announces Samsung, Fitbit, Comcast Executives Have Joined the Disruptive Recruitment Marketing Tech Venture’s Advisory Board

Cliquify announces its advisory board of industry-leading global executives and influencers to fuel its product vision and hypergrowth. In an ever-competitive world for niche skills, there is tremendous pressure on brands to differentiate across social networks to attract talent. Cliquify enables organizations to build, mobilize, influence, and analyze their employer brand across social media channels to attract more relevant and … Read more

DDI and Strivr Partner to Pioneer Leadership Development in Virtual Reality

Leaders will be able to build and sharpen their leadership skills like never before by immersing themselves in deeply realistic simulations, thanks to a partnership between DDI and Strivr. The partnership brings together DDI’s decades of experience in leadership development with Strivr’s market leadership in virtual reality-based (VR) immersive learning. Through the partnership, companies will … Read more

National Résumé-Writing Service Launches E-Commerce Platform

Content Pro Resume Services, a provider of tailored résumés and other career development resources to job seekers nationwide, today announced the addition of a robust e-commerce platform to its website, ContentProResume.com.  The new platform enables job seekers to shop for services best suited for their needs and to schedule a strategy call with their own … Read more

HealthCheck360 Enhances Mental Health Offerings With MeMD Partnership

HealthCheck360, a leader in population health management and well-being programs for employers is expanding its program by offering MeMD telehealth and mental health services. “Mental health is a huge issue right now, and the stress and isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic has made it worse for so many people. MeMD’s telepsychiatry, behavioral health, and talk … Read more

Motivations by Cangrade Uncovers What Keeps Candidates and Employees Motivated at Work

Cangrade, a leading bias-free AI-based hiring solution that accurately predicts employee success, announced the addition of Motivations to their Pre-Hire solutions to strengthen employers’ candidate acceptance rate and retention.  In the hiring process, identifying a candidate’s potential fit for a role and organization can be rife with bias and inaccuracies. By focusing on assessing hard … Read more