Cogo Labs Uses Fairwinds Insights to Align Kubernetes Development Across the Business

Fairwinds today shared that tech incubator Cogo Labs is using Fairwinds Insights, the company’s governance and security platform, to power their hybrid-cloud platform for rapid enterprise value, Cogo Cloud. Fairwinds Insights enables Cogo Cloud to automate the highest standards in Kubernetes deployment for efficiency, security and scalability. “We are creating billion-dollar companies by integrating hardened APIs between … Read more

ESEN and AFK Enterprise AG Join Forces

ESEN and AFK will work on marketing their existing product portfolio and collaborate on development and local production of high-tech products, including Unmanned Systems in the fields of civil aviation, defense and security. Initially, both parties are to start marketing activities in parts of the world where they are already conducting business. Then the ESEN-AFK … Read more

Fairwinds Goldilocks Now Provides Recommendations for All Applications in Kubernetes Clusters

Fairwinds, the leading provider of Kubernetes governance and security software, today announced significant updates to Goldilocks, an open source tool for Kubernetes resource management that provides recommendations for application right-sizing. The updates center on creating greater efficiencies and cost-savings for organizations utilizing Goldilocks and were a response to requests made by the Fairwinds open source … Read more

Fairwinds Insights Adds Kubernetes Cost Allocation and Quality of Service Controls

Fairwinds, the leading provider of Kubernetes governance and security software, today announced the newest version of Fairwinds Insights, its flagship software to simplify Kubernetes complexity, reduce risk and enable developer self-service to achieve production-readiness faster. The newest features focus on creating accurate cost allocation within Kubernetes by using AWS billing data and quality of service … Read more

With Online Orders Soaring, Restaurant Operators and Delivery Marketplaces Turn to PopPay’s E-Commerce Product to Reduce Payment Processing Fees

PopID announced today the expansion of its PopPay consumer payment system to mobile app and web-based ordering. PopPay links to consumers’ credit or debit cards and enables them to make in-person payments using only their faces. PopPay now offers a single solution for both brick and mortar transactions and online orders, created on a website or in a mobile app. … Read more

FusionAuth Adds Enterprise Kubernetes Support, Making It Simple to Add Authentication & Authorization Support to Kube Clusters

FusionAuth, the authentication and authorization platform built for developers, today announced Enterprise Kubernetes Support. Building on Kubernetes is a solid foundation for microservices and other modern architectures but, in today’s zero-trust environments, developer teams still need a way to ensure that access is limited to authorized users and services. By deploying FusionAuth into their Kubernetes clusters, … Read more

Fairwinds Releases the Kubernetes Configuration Benchmark Report 2021

Fairwinds, the leading provider of Kubernetes governance and security software, today announced the Kubernetes Configuration Benchmark Report 2021. The report was created based on results from more than 100,000 workloads and hundreds of organizations using the Fairwinds Insights platform. Divided into three sections — reliability, security and efficiency — the Kubernetes Configuration Benchmark Report 2021 … Read more

Telechips and Tuxera Form Partnership for Next-Generation In-Vehicle Automotive Solutions

Tuxera Inc., a market leader in data storage management software and networking technologies, today announced its partnership with Telechips, a leading automotive system on chip (SoC) supplier for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) and cockpit solutions. The organizations are working together to address the growing global demand for advanced IVI and cockpit systems. The partnership allows for strong … Read more

Responsible AI Institute Announces RAISE 2021: The Premier Conference for Trusted AI Professionals

Responsible AI Institute (RAI), the leading non-profit dedicated to advancing responsible AI from principles to practice through independent AI assessments, ratings and certifications, today announced that its RAISE 2021 annual conference will be held on Oct. 22, 2021, in Austin, Texas.  The event will bring together Business and Technology leaders, Board members, Advisors, Community members, and … Read more