Why the Biden Presidency Could Help Seniors Afford Rising Medicare Costs

For many seniors, Medicare and other healthcare costs make up a huge portion of their annual expenses. Medicare costs rise annually, leaving many wondering, how much will Medicare cost in the future? What’s more, potential insolvency is looming for both Medicare and Social Security, with Medicare Part A’s Hospital Insurance Trust Fund predicted to run … Read more

Why Your Medicare Part D Drugs Could Cost Less in 2021

Prescription drug costs are a huge burden for many Americans, and a huge portion of how much Medicare costs for many seniors. What’s more, it’s common knowledge that pharmaceuticals can be much more expensive in the US than the same medication is in Canada or Europe. In an effort to lower these prescription drug costs, … Read more

Vision Benefits of America to Offer 800 Complimentary PPE Kits to Independent Optometric Practices

​​Vision Benefits of America, Inc. (VBA), a commercial group benefits organization, today announced a new initiative for optometric practices. In partnership with OptiSource VBA is offering 800 complimentary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kits to assist businesses in their operational response to the pandemic. “VBA is proud to support optometry through its PPE Kit Program,” said … Read more