Infinx Prior Authorization Software Now Available in the Epic App Orchard

The Infinx Prior Authorization Software (IPA) is now available in the Epic App Orchard, a program for developers to integrate with Epic. IPA is a cloud-based solution that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation, with exceptional handling by our experienced prior authorization and billing specialists, to provide you with a complete end-to-end prior authorization … Read more

Is Holistic Dentistry Covered by Dental Insurance?

Holistic dentistry continues to grow in popularity, providing a more natural, comprehensive alternative to traditional dentistry. While holistic treatment methods and materials have their benefits, there’s still little data about their effectiveness and risks. Because it’s a budding field, those interested in holistic dentistry may also have a tough time finding a reputable holistic dentist … Read more

How to Afford All-on-4 Dental Implants

All-on-4 dental implants provide natural-looking and permanent alternatives to dentures. The implants can help people regain a beautiful smile after they lose their upper or lower teeth. Dental implants, as opposed to dentures, can also lead to improved jaw health, better dental hygiene and greater comfort. However, they can be prohibitively expensive. The cost of … Read more

How to Find Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period

A dental insurance plan can include a waiting period for certain services. If any of these services are administered during the waiting period, the insurer won’t cover the costs associated with them. Depending on your area, dental plans may be available that require no waiting period. These plans provide instant coverage for preventative, basic, and/or … Read more

Inspire Innovations Transforms Complaints, Appeals and Grievances Operations for Their Health Plan Clients Improving Member and Provider Experiences

Inspire Innovations, a member of the Managed Care Resource Alliance and an InsureTech consulting and software firm today announced it is adding Compliant AG (CAG) to their portfolio of healthcare applications. CAG is a next-generation Complaints, Appeals and Grievances software as a service suite of integrated products that improves member and provider experiences through more … Read more

How to Find the Best Medicare Advantage Plans in 2021

Choosing the right Medicare Advantage Plan varies based on your medical needs, personal situation, finances, and other factors. Here are three steps to help you find the best Medicare Advantage Plans for you in 2021. 1. Evaluate All of the Plan Options at Your Disposal Medicare Advantage Plans fall into the following categories: Comparing which … Read more

Medicare Premiums and Deductibles for 2021: Here’s What You Need to Know

Medicare premiums and deductibles change annually. You can track your Medicare premiums and deductibles online by logging in to your Medicare account. In addition, you can use the Medicare Plan Finder to compare and contrast the costs of different Medicare plans. 2021 Medicare Part A Premiums and Deductibles Most people qualify for Medicare premium-free Part … Read more

Clarity Benefit Solutions Launches Vaccine Reward Solution

Clarity Benefit Solutions, a leading provider of consumer-benefit technology, today launched SimplyWell Rewards, a new solution to help employers accelerate the safe reopening of their offices and collect feedback from employees regarding return-to-work policies. “As our world returns to normal, companies are now faced with the challenge of implementing inclusive return-to-work policies that fit all … Read more

Does Medicare Cover COVID-19 Testing and Vaccines?

For Medicare beneficiaries and people newly eligible for Medicare, it’s important to know whether you would have coverage for COVID-19 testing and vaccinations. Many people are still waiting to be vaccinated, and regardless of vaccination status, some jobs and services are requiring a negative COVID-19 test. While Medicare has evolved to offer a breadth of … Read more