The Unexpected Reasons We Are So Polarized

Political polarization makes everything from COVID vaccines to common-sense gun laws harder than it should be. BrainFeed has a simple solution to our polarisation. Why are we polarized? The demands of education and the modern economy mean we are becoming ever more specialized. Individual specialization makes us more productive. But it also comes with a … Read more

Bridging the Vision Care Gap

Charitable eye doctors around the country are participating in Essilor Vision Foundation’s (EVF) See Kids Soar® program to help bridge the gap between the need for and access to vision care. Due to COVID-19, more people are facing financial uncertainty and need help to cover basic expenses such as food and medical care.  EVF and … Read more

Good Vision Starts With Good Doctors™

For most people, a visit to the eye doctor is pretty straightforward. Patients likely don’t think about those in their community who can’t afford vision care or how their eye doctor may be helping people in need. Essilor Vision Foundation (EVF) believes good vision starts with good doctors and, thanks to charitable eye doctors, millions … Read more

Study: 549,000 More Americans Were Monitored in 2020

A new study by the cybersecurity company NordVPN shows that, last year, applications that are used to monitor device activity were installed on 549,000 devices across the U.S. This number is 1% lower compared to the year before. “Applications like KidsGuard, mSpy, Spy Phone, and Highster are primarily built for parents to monitor activity on … Read more