Spring Season Brings More Ticks

As outdoor temperatures rise, so does the population of ticks and other insect pests. Spring is also when more people start enjoying outdoor activities. So, it’s no surprise that as the weather improves, exposure to ticks and tick bites escalate. Ticks are best known for transmitting Lyme Disease, which can cause a rash, fatigue, fever, … Read more

Step Up Your Lawncare Game with Tips from the Pros

As a growing number of Americans seek to spend more time outdoors this spring, many are focusing on making the most of their yards. To help these homeowners better understand the needs of their lawns, Exmark has launched a new Backyard Smart video series. According to Exmark Marketing Director, Jamie Briggs, the new Backyard Smart … Read more

Kill Fungus Gnats on Houseplants With BTI

More people than ever are growing live plants in their homes and apartments. That’s good because indoor plants add beauty and help clean the air. Plus, in a recent survey by Stoneside, 93% of those who have purchased plants since March 2020 say taking care of plants has reduced their stress levels. But sometimes plant owners must protect … Read more

Same-day Yardscapes Partners Up for Even Greater Success

Same-day Yardscapes, the go-to source for Calgary lawn care, has made the decision to partner with GrowME Marketing. This is a great opportunity for both companies, as GrowME works to grow Same-day Yardscapes, and they do their best to keep up with all their new customers! Why People Work with Same-day Yardscapes For businesses, consumers … Read more

Get Ready to Live the Backyard Life in 2021

As winter gives way to spring, homeowners across the nation are making plans to spend more time outdoors. Since some of the world’s most wondrous places lie just outside the back door, Exmark created its Backyard Life website. Developed to inspire homeowners to realize the full potential of their own backyards, Backyard Life has all … Read more

Top 3 Home and Garden Trends for 2021

Three major trends will influence the way people spend time in their homes and gardens in 2021, according to the editors of HomeGardenandHomestead.com, a top online source for information about homes, gardens and homesteads of all sizes. “In 2020, a year that was dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of Americans spent more time at home than … Read more