Erasmus Fox Releases ‘Everyone Else Thinks This Game is Awesome’

From New York Times bestselling pop science authors Zach and Kelly Weinersmith, along with celebrated game designer Matt Fantastic, comes a game that you can win either by knowing the truth or knowing who doesn’t. Everyone Else Thinks This Game Is Awesome (by Erasmus Fox) is a tabletop trivia game where players take on the role of scientific … Read more

DeNations Hosts NFT Art Exhibition, Celebrating Genesis Block of the DeNations Art Chain

DeNations is a blockchain-powered metaverse platform based in Hong Kong that everyone can own nations, build cities/civilizations, and earn tokens. In DeNations, ownership of core assets is represented by Ethereum NFT (Non-Fungible Token). Players can register their NFTs at DeNations’ metaverse platform (, run their nations and earn token (DENA) profits. These NFTs are currently … Read more

Yo Mama Jokes Are Back Thanks to the Release of the Yo Mama! Card Game

Angeliki Gousetis, New York-based entrepreneur, startup consultant, leasing consultant, and the creative force behind a wheelhouse of projects, announced the launch of her newest venture, the Yo Mama! Card Game, this month. The card game, which began accepting pre-orders via their website in mid-May, is a modern twist on the classic and nostalgic ‘Yo Mama’ jokes from … Read more

Quarantine Baby GameApart Grows Rapidly

Just a few months after launching, GameApart, a platform that allows groups to play popular card, board, and party games together over video conferencing software, continues its momentum with pre-seed funding and the rollout of additional online multiplayer party games.  GameApart’s rapidly growing game library includes GIFs Against Society and Done With 2020. Both games … Read more

One-of-a-Kind Party Game, With Augmented Reality Option, is Now Live on Kickstarter

Llamasters, the first-of-its-kind party game that utilizes augmented reality, has been launched today on Kickstarter. Llamasters is a party game for between two to five players that sets opponents on a mission to become the one and only Llama Master.  The Kickstarter campaign features several investment packages to appeal to both early birds and high donors, including … Read more

Fantasy Invest, the Stock Market Simulator Gameplay, Receives $470,000 Investment From IIDF, Yellow Rockets, and 9 Angels

Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF), Yellow Rockets.VC Fund, and 9 Angel Investors provided $470,000 to the Fantasy Invest app – the stock market simulator gameplay. It’s the second funding round for the company. This June, the company raised €50,000 from the Angels Band VC community, participating in EMERGE, the largest startup conference in Eastern Europe. … Read more