Local Express Announces New VP of Small and Medium-Sized Business Sales, Michael Ashcraft

Local Express, a SaaS vertical for the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry that specializes in providing eCommerce solutions to independent retailers and enterprises seeking digital transformation, today announces it has hired Michael Ashcraft to oversee its new Small and Medium-Sized Business (SMB) sales division. The new position will focus on helping this business segment adopt … Read more

Don’t Like Hard Kombucha? San Diego’s Newest Brewery, Jaybird Kombucha, is Convinced You’ll Change Your Mind

For those that have yet to jump on the hard kombucha craze and struggle to get past the vinegary taste of the fermented, tea-based drink, San Diego’s new Jaybird Kombucha is convinced even its biggest of skeptics will enjoy a cold glass. Co-founded by San Diego natives Jay Ressler and Luke Syka, Jaybird is the … Read more

Spirits360 and Encompass + Orchestra Announce Strategic Partnership

Spirits360, LLC  announced a partnership agreement with Encompass + Orchestra to provide Orchestra customers the Spirits360 Direct to Consumer (DTC) SaaS platform, allowing Orchestra craft distillers to sell their craft products directly to consumers in states that allow DTC. Patrick Dorsey, President at Spirits360: “Encompass + Orchestra is a strategic partner for our continued growth in … Read more

aT Center LA Recruits Korean Food Supporters

Korea Agro Fisheries and Food Trade Corporation Los Angeles Branch (a.k.a aT Center Los Angeles) is hosting a fun event to recruit Korean food ambassadors. This event called ‘K-Food Supporters’ is open to anyone interested in Korean food and has a social media account. Those selected as ‘K-Food Supporters’ will receive a K-Food Box containing … Read more

The Tea Time Shop Offers Competitive Prices for High-Quality Loose Leaf Tea and Steeping Accessories Online

The Tea Time Shop, an online tea store dedicated to providing the best in loose-leaf tea and steeping essentials, is offering tea lovers a variety of high-quality tea options, including organic and biodynamic teas, at competitive prices. Committed to providing customers with the most natural, high-quality tea, the family-owned company offers an assortment of green … Read more

BEVWRX Launches Beverage Advisory

BEVWRX, a data-driven startup focusing on product development and supply chain advisory for the beverage market, launches in pursuit of a “beverage revolution.” Although many beverage categories are mature, there are still growth opportunities for companies appealing to rapidly shifting consumer preferences. The use of industry data and consumer surveys to inform product development has … Read more

everbowl™ Brings Craft Superfood to Venice Beach, Thousand Oaks, Calabasas and Hollywood

San Diego-based craft superfood chain, everbowl™ (https://www.everbowl.com/), expanded into the Los Angeles market with four new locations in the city’s most vibrant venues. The four new locations are in Hollywood, Thousand Oaks, Calabasas, and Venice Beach.  These markets are perfect matches for everbowl’s mission of promoting an Unevolve™ lifestyle – living actively and eating stuff … Read more