FEDC Announces the Opening of the Industrial Hotel

Fremont Economic Development Corporation, a 501c6 private not-for-profit focused on economic development in Fremont County and central Colorado, today announced the opening of The Industrial Hotel, a 4-unit hotel in Florence, Colorado, built from upcycled shipping containers. Located in an industrial section of south Florence, the project’s business partners, Barna Kasa, owner of KDevelopers, and … Read more

For World Oceans Day, People Want Washing Machines to Stop Polluting the Oceans

Microfiber pollution awareness is spreading into the mainstream. More than half of consumers (56%) already know that washing clothes harms the environment, according to a survey released by PlanetCare as part of World Oceans Day. Microfibers are tiny plastic particles that synthetic clothes shed during washing. Up to 1,500,000 microfibers are released per wash. Without anything … Read more

A Bee Sanctuary With Pachamama Founder and Chef Vick Vannucci

While honeybees are responsible for more than one-third of the world’s food source, they’re seen mostly as dangerous pests. One San Diego restaurant owner and chef is hoping to change that perception with the installation of a modified beehive in her Kensington neighborhood restaurant. Philanthropist and Pachamama founder Vick Vannucci shares her love of food by … Read more

Celebrate Earth Day – Stop Vegetable Tanning Before It Destroys Millions of Trees and Worsens Climate Change

Leather companies are being pressured in California to reformulate their products from their current process to an old fashion process called Vegetable tanning. To celebrate Earth Day, Roy Leggitt of Tree Management Experts addressed the consequences that could occur if the leather industry switched to vegetable tanning. Q: What natural materials are required for vegetable … Read more

NREP Announces New Certified Indoor Air Quality Manager and Mold Awareness Specialist Certification

CIAQM Certification The Certified Indoor Air Quality Manager certification is designed for professionals who conduct environmental monitoring in facilities. This is to identify the health effects of indoor air pollutants on human beings and determine strategies to reduce indoor air contaminants to improve the quality of indoor air. CIAQM professionals also assess exposure to indoor air … Read more

Neutrino Energy is the Solution to Global Pollution

Since the dawn of time, mankind has dreamed of grasping the limitless energy of the cosmos. Starting with the conquest of fire, our Promethean urges have allowed us to capture ever-greater portions of the boundless, universal energy that surrounds our fragile planet. Now, with the Neutrino Energy Group’s development of neutrinovoltaic technology, humanity has drawn closer … Read more

Cleantech Company ecoSPEARS Partners With Element Environmental to Clean Toxins From Water and Soil in Hawaii and Guam

ecoSPEARS, a clean technology developer in Orlando, FL, announced its strategic partnership with the Hawaii-based engineering services company Element Environmental (E2HI). The collaboration between ecoSPEARS and E2HI will accelerate green remediation solutions in Hawaii, Guam, and Asia-Pacific countries. The pair has already secured remediation projects in Hawaii and Guam to extract and eliminate toxins like polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and other Persistent … Read more