Icelandic Manufacturer Drives Environmentalism With New Wool Technology

Icewear, the leading manufacturer and retailer of Icelandic wool products, has been operating in a changing market environment. One could say that responding to the travel restrictions and influxes in tourism has been almost as precarious as the natural environment that Icelandic sheep roam in. Both are rugged and harsh. Both have also spurred adaptation. … Read more

CSE’s Annual Sustainability Practitioners Event Looked at Winning the ESG & Net-Zero Race

CSE’s Annual Sustainability Practitioners event, “Winning the ESG & Net-Zero Race – Trends for 2023 and beyond”, on Feb. 7, 2023, brought together thought leaders, institutions and corporate executives. They engaged in a dialogue on regulatory changes and new trends, ESG reporting, risk management and challenges that heads of Sustainability and ESG functions face towards integration. This event … Read more

CSE’s Research Shows How ESG Influence Profitability and Transparency in FT 500 Companies

For the sixth consecutive year, the Center for Sustainability and Excellence is proud to announce the unique findings from its Research in ESG Ratings and Reporting Trends, focusing on ESG best practices and standards used in 2022. CSE’s research examined the ESG practices and commitments of more than 400 FT 500 companies in North America … Read more

FCS Provides On-Call Services to 100-Plus Local Agencies

FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS), an ADEC Innovations company, recently announced its latest on-call client in the State of California. With the addition of Santa Cruz County’s Paleontology for Mitigation Services list, FCS marks 119 on-call contracts with 102 local agencies within the state that have validated FCS as a pre-approved vendor.  FCS is recognized as a … Read more

SensoRy AI, Founded by Teen Inventor, Receives Funding and Partners With Irvine Ranch Conservancy and Orange County Fire Authority to Test Climate Solution

At a time when many teens are planning for the near future, 15-year-old Ryan Honary is looking further ahead. He is passionate about saving the planet, and thanks to a new partnership between his company, Sensory AI, the nonprofit Irvine Ranch Conservancy (IRC) and, most recently, the Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA), he’s closer to … Read more

Rivers are Life Premieres ‘Keepers of the North’ Film to Illustrate Innovative Way of Recycling Plastic Waste

Rivers are Life is proud to present “Keepers of the North,” a film that takes viewers on a never-before-seen cross-country journey of Alaska’s plastic waste as it becomes something usable, hope-inspiring, and new. WHO: The film explores a unique collaboration between Gulf of Alaska Keeper (GoAK), FedEx, the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, Dow, Pyxera … Read more

Kyocera Expands Cell Phone Recycling Program With Big Sky Recycling Partnership

In 2015, Kyocera Communications Equipment Group launched their consumer cell phone take back program. Today, they are expanding this program by teaming up with Big Sky Recycling. Together, the two companies aim to protect the environment, conserve natural resources, and support the communities in which they work.  Since beginning business in 1959, Kyocera has embraced … Read more

Verra Opens the Door to Engage Blockchain Climate Initiatives

The Blockchain Infrastructure Carbon Offset Working Group (BICOWG) applauds the Dec. 15 announcement of a Legal Due Diligence Questionnaire for Related Instruments by The Verified Carbon Standard (VERRA) — a widely accepted standard for certifying carbon emissions reductions. “As pioneers in the crypto carbon space, it’s encouraging to see this announcement from Verra — it is truly a dream … Read more

Irish Food Company Plant-It Leads the Way at the Plant-Based World Expo in New York

Award-winning Irish plant-based food brand Plant-It launched with a resounding success in the US attracting key retailers. They were very impressed with the great-tasting innovative range of plant-based food and Plant-It’s commitment to its purpose-led tree planting global initiative. The company was delighted with the response and overwhelmed with the positive feedback and leads received at Plant-It’s … Read more

Pearl Certification and ClimateCheck Help Homeowners Understand and Mitigate the Impact of Climate Change

Homeowners now have a new tool to protect their property against the damage caused by natural disasters linked to climate change. Pearl Certification, which certifies high-performing homes, has teamed with ClimateCheck, a provider of climate risk assessments, to help consumers understand how vulnerable their home is to climate change and how to mitigate the risk. … Read more