Cavli Wireless Recognized as the ‘Overall M2M Solution Provider of the Year’ at the 2021 Mobile Breakthrough Awards

Cavli Wireless has been named “Overall M2M Solution Provider of the Year” in the 5th annual Mobile Breakthrough Awards by Mobile Breakthrough, a leading independent market intelligence agency that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global wireless and mobile market today. Scaling an IoT-enabled/Smart-connected solution across geographies has many industrial and economic … Read more

Stealth Introduces New Fanless 2U Rackmount Servers

Stealth (a Sparton company), a leader in the industrial computer and peripherals market, has launched a pair of Fanless 2U Rackmount Servers. These rackmount computer models SR-2950 & SR-2960 are well-equipped, versatile and are designed for a variety of demanding environments and applications. Fanless by design, the system operates without noisy cooling fans that can … Read more

Micro Magic, Inc. Delivers Ultra Low Power 64-Bit RISC-v Core

Today, Micro Magic, Inc. announced its Ultra Low power 64-bit RISC-V core consuming only 10mW at 1Ghz. Micro Magic’s design techniques allow its 5GHz processor to run at low voltages to save power while still achieving high performance. By lowering the operating voltage to 350mV, Micro Magic’s 64-bit RISC-V core runs at 1GHz and is able to achieve … Read more