Americans Spent Over $22 Billion More on Electricity the Past Year

In 2022, American consumers faced the highest electricity costs in more than 40 years, due to inflation, a rebounding economy and fuel-related repercussions from the Ukraine war. It appears the worst is not over. A newly released study from Ownerly, a leading home and property value estimation platform, analyzed 12 months of Energy Information Administration (EIA) … Read more

Power Outages From Extreme Weather Are No Match for Dory Power’s Second-Generation Battery Generator

Never Lose Power Again. Extreme weather has created urgent needs for people throughout the country. Dory Power, a leading U.S. manufacturer of battery generators, launches its second-generation battery generator, the Dory Sentry, to help households and businesses adapt and respond to increasingly frequent and unpredictable power outages.   The Dory Sentry is an industry-leading battery generator … Read more

Revolutionize Remote Meetings With COOLPO’s Newest 4K HD Conference Webcam

COOLPO today announces the release of its 4K Video Conference Camera with gesture-activated focus, AI-powered auto-framing, 6 microphone array that reduces background noise and targets the speaker plus many more features, which make video calling more interactive and productive.  In today’s world, remote work is becoming more and more common due to COVID-19, and the … Read more

Arrow Energy Begins Serving Texas Electricity Market

Arrow Energy TX LLC, a Texas-based retail electricity provider, today announced the launch of its retail electricity business in Texas. The company, which is based in Houston, Texas, will serve the state’s deregulated energy market and plans to offer affordable electricity plans powered by rewards and renewable energy options. Arrow Energy initially offered a variety … Read more

Dory Power Launches Sentry: An Exceptional Portable Battery Generator

With the announcement of a direct sales campaign featuring its newest portable battery generator, the Sentry, Dory Power is positioned to make a market-altering contribution to the portable power industry. The Sentry—for the U.S. and Canada market (110-120V)—is a game-changing portable battery generator that is noise-free, emissions-free, maintenance-free, and completely worry-free. With its revolutionary AI … Read more

VoltServer Awarded the 2022 North American Intelligent Power Distribution Technology Innovation Leadership Award by Frost & Sullivan

VoltServer™ announced it has been awarded the 2022 North American Intelligent Power Distribution Technology Innovation Leadership Award by Frost & Sullivan for excellence in the power distribution industry.  The award recognizes explicitly the Digital Electricity™ solutions for their specialized capabilities and superior performance.  Frost & Sullivan’s Technology Innovation Leadership Award recognizes the company that has … Read more

energyware™ Drives Energy Conservation for Businesses Through Incentives for Sales Team

energyware™, a leading national provider of energy-efficiency technology, is committed to offering support to businesses seeking energy-efficiency solutions and making advances in the environmental space. In alignment with this ongoing commitment, the company is pleased to announce it has launched a tiered incentive program for its sales agents that aims to drive the adoption of energy … Read more

BLUETTI Unveils World’s First Sodium-Ion Solar Generator

Sodium-ion batteries have become a cynosure as an alternative to their lithium-ion counterparts in many industries due to their high abundance and low costs. Chemical batteries, especially lithium-ion batteries, offer an optimum solution for the green energy transition. However, the long-term use of rare and expensive lithium has slowed down the energy shift across the … Read more

The World’s Most Powerful Portable Battery Generator Upgraded by Dory Power

Dory Power, a manufacturer of smart battery generators located in Cleveland, Ohio, has upgraded the Dory B7000 model to 7.16 kWh capacity. Dory B7000 is the world’s most powerful portable battery generator, for automatic, portable and uninterruptible power supply, no emissions and no noise. With 3kW continuous power and 6kW peak power, the Dory B-7000 can … Read more