BatteryJack Releases New State of the Art Maintenance Free Sealed Electric Vehicle Battery Line

With summer brings the popularity of golf carts and RV’s. The demand for the batteries has been more aggressive in the past years due to the increased money flow to some family’s pockets with the stimulus checks. BatteryJack has taken the opportunity to capitalize on the influx of orders for the popular Trojan T-105’s and … Read more

Quantum Integration Provides a Simple, Code-Free Alternative to Tackling Complex DIY Projects

Quantum Integration is showing off the versatility of its easy-to-use platform, which is simplifying the complex coding needed to control advanced DIY projects. Their latest project, in collaboration with Youbionic, a company that specializes in creating 3D-printed robotic hands, demonstrates how Quantum is able to replace the existing microcontroller with their simpler, code-free alternative. The … Read more