Unbanked Reveals Suite of New Products and Features

Unbanked, a global crypto and fintech company, today announced the rollout of several new features and products for current and future customers alike.  The company recently announced a rebrand, bringing together its enterprise financial offerings and flagship product BlockCard together under one cohesive identity. The rollout of these newly announced products and services continues to build on … Read more

Monero Bitcoin Trustless Atomic Swaps Now Live on Mainnet

COMIT Network, an Australian research and development workgroup, have announced that trustless atomic swaps between Monero and Bitcoin are now live on mainnet. This allows users to trade XMR for BTC without needing to trust an intermediary or the trading counterparty. Users can more easily trade worldwide without using a regulated financial institution. The Monero … Read more

Elite Mining Inc. Positions Itself as the Global Leader in Green Cryptocurrency Mining With New Funding and Partnerships

Elite Mining Inc. (EMI) kicked off its Series A funding round in late May with much success. As one of the first to scale and deploy green crypto mining operations quickly and cost-effectively, EMI is making a name for itself at the right time — just as crypto mining’s environmental impact is being hotly debated.  Given the … Read more

The Ray Wood Scholarship to Be Funded by NFT

A year after massive protests against police violence and calls for reform were spurred by George Floyd’s murder, The R Wood Family Foundation Inc. and the family of deceased former NYPD police detective, Ray Wood, announced a college scholarship to encourage minority college students to study criminal justice.  “The Ray Wood Scholarship aims to support … Read more

Soku Swap Selects BSCstarter to Host IDO of SOKU Tokens

Soku Swap, a fully decentralized exchange, will be launching its IDO on BSCstarter on May 28, 2021, the first community-led fundraising platform. The launch will enable the DEX to unlock a new business model for its native token SOKU on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).  Deployed on Ethereum and BSC networks, Soku Swap is a decentralized … Read more

Trustology Offers Compliance Webhooks for Bitcoin and Ethereum Transactions

Leading crypto custodian wallet provider, Trustology, who has recently been granted temporary FCA registration, has today announced its institutional Compliance Webhooks for Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions. Inbound and outbound transaction webhook payloads now include transaction risk rating and counterparty cluster information e.g. gambling, mixers, terrorist financing, etc. This allows for its current client base of … Read more

LCX Partners With Monerium to Introduce Tokenized Digital Money and Fiat Trading Pairs

Liechtenstein Blockchain Innovator LCX is excited to introduce Monerium as its new partner. Monerium and LCX have signed a memorandum of understanding and agreed on a long-term strategic partnership. With this new partnership, LCX and Monerium envisions to leverage the legal and technology infrastructure of each other to expand their respective businesses and provide new and … Read more

Safety and Freedom for Ethereum NFTs—Trustology Says Institutions Can Have Both

Leading crypto custodian wallet provider, Trustology, who has recently been granted temporary FCA registration, has today announced that its TrustVault platform offers institutions the best way to buy, lend, hedge or store non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with no compromise to security, access or utility. As the first and only custodial wallet to have integrations with both MetaMask and … Read more

Trustology, GCEX and Bosonic Partner on Streamlined, Risk-Free Digital Asset Trading

Leading crypto custody solutions provider Trustology, and FCA-regulated broker (FRN 828730), GCEX have today announced an expanded partnership with San Francisco based Bosonic, a leading global technology company that builds infrastructure to eliminate counterparty credit and settlement risk in Digital Asset markets for institutional clients. Together, the partnership will help to improve overall capital efficiency for … Read more