WeownomyPay: Turning WEOWNS Into a Mass Currency of Kindness

It’s hard to imagine what it would be like if you couldn’t buy anything with money. But this is the reality for 3 billion people around the world, many of whom live in developing countries. This isn’t just a problem of poverty and lack of access to banking services—this also impacts economies and society as … Read more

A1 Garage Door Service Accepts First Bitcoin Payment

A1 Garage Door Service is joining the list of businesses now accepting Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as payment from customers. The Phoenix-based garage door sales and service company processed its first Bitcoin payment earlier this summer. “It’s a historic day for the company, a historic day for me, and I think it’s going to launch A1 … Read more

Former Mastercard International President Baldomero Falcones Joins Card Division For Bit2Me

Bit2Me continues to add talent to its project. Baldomero Falcones, a Spanish executive with a long and recognized track record of professional achievement, will become part of the cryptocurrency platform’s team as Senior Advisor. His mission will be to expand Bit2Me Card, the company’s debit card service. Baldomero Falcones Experience Among other management positions, Falcones … Read more

NFT Gaming Leader Gif.games Announces Anshit Bhardwaj as CEO

NFT gaming company Gif.games has announced Anshit Bhardwaj as its new CEO. The Gif.games co-founder will lead the company forward as it starts to cement itself as a pioneer and leader in the NFT gaming industry. Mr. Bhardwaj has been leading the development team impressively, and successfully helped launch the Tezotopia NFT Marketplace on Aug. … Read more

Urban TV (OTC: URBT) Has Earned Its First Dollar ($1) in Crypto Mining

Urban TV Network Corp (OTC PINK: URBT) makes a headway into the digital money markets. The world woke up to the headline that the giant URBT now eyes launching its cryptocurrency mining business. The company celebrates as it has mined its first dollar ($1) during the proof-of-concept stage. With the shift towards cryptocurrency and after … Read more

Want to Help Reverse Climate Change? A New Token is Giving You the Opportunity to Profit From Helping the Planet.

REVERSE, a new token offering, launched last week. The company responsible, AGA Token, offered up all of the tokens in an experiment. AGA did not hold any tokens or treasury for itself, instead choosing to release everything; they hope it will create a self-sustaining ecosystem that will help fight climate change. AGA’s only responsibility will be to … Read more

Urban Television Network Corp. (OTCMKTS: URBT) Taps Kimberly Douglas to Head Crypto Mining Operations

Urban Television Network Corp (stock symbol: URBT) is pleased to announce that it has tapped Kimberly Douglas to lead its crypto mining operations when it launches on November 1, 2021. Kimberly was chosen for this role due to her history in cryptocurrency mining, digital money advocacy, and participation in the larger community. As part of … Read more

Emerging Canadian Crypto Trading Platform VirgoCX Reports Over 300% Increase in Volume Growth in the First Half of 2021

VirgoCX, Canada’s top regulated cryptocurrency trading platform, announces record-breaking growth in trading volume and user base during the first half of 2021. The platform reported a total trading volume of over 300 million CAD.  “With the VirgoCX team’s continuous efforts in bringing value to its customers, we strive to provide clients with a one-stop solution … Read more

The Money Cloud Empowers SMEs to Manage Their Foreign Exchange Exposure and Find Secure and Trustworthy Payment Providers

Currency comparison and trading is one of the most crucial parts for a global business, start-ups, and even for individuals. It is exhausting to find the best provider who caters to one’s specific requirements. In 2004, The Money Cloud’s founders created the world’s first international money transfer comparison site and have been enabling SMEs and individuals to … Read more

Unbanked Reveals Suite of New Products and Features

Unbanked, a global crypto and fintech company, today announced the rollout of several new features and products for current and future customers alike.  The company recently announced a rebrand, bringing together its enterprise financial offerings and flagship product BlockCard together under one cohesive identity. The rollout of these newly announced products and services continues to build on … Read more