Legacy Suite Provides Expanded Support for Self-Custodial Wallets, Including Backup and Inheritance Solutions

Legacy Suite, a leading provider of digital asset preservation services, is urging users to take ownership of their digital assets, announcing that its platform is equipped to facilitate self-custody and ensure estate planning is inclusive of both physical and digital assets, allowing the probate process to proceed in accordance with the owner’s original intent. During … Read more

XRPayNet & Kunstbrug Art Gallery Launch Flags of the World NFT

XRPayNet is thrilled to announce the launch of their new Flags of the World NFT collection, featuring 11 stunning flags from different countries. These NFTs, created by artist Paul Smidt of Kunstbrug (the world’s first physical NFT art gallery), offer collectors the chance to own a unique piece of digital and physical art that represents their … Read more

Legacy Suite Launches First Commercial, Showcasing Its Role in Digital Asset Preservation

Legacy Suite, a leading provider of digital asset preservation services, announces the airing of its first commercial, which premiered on Jan. 3, 2023. The commercial draws attention to the over $140 billion in digital assets projected to be lost yearly, with billions more lost in unclaimed assets, according to a 2021 New York Times article. “We … Read more

Cryptomining? The opportunity Fog Hashing brought to CES 2023

Last year at CES 2022, Fog Hashing was the world’s first company to release a product tailored for decentralized home or office mining. That product immediately harvested public attention and went on hot sale afterward. After one year of research and development based on the C1, Fog Hashing was back at CES 2023 with its … Read more

StarStake: On a Mission to Go Where No Web3 Platform Has Gone Before

StarStake is ready to connect creators and their fans with a new Web3 marketing model. Now creators and fans can be fairly compensated for their value. In the traditional model of social media, traditional publishers, and record labels, creators are rarely fairly compensated for their work. Social media companies take much of the advertising revenue … Read more

The CONG Token is the New Crypto Hype

The Conglomerate Capital, the project that was able to attract investments from notorious capitalists and blockchain-companies backers last year, is launching its token presale event on Jan. 16, with a goal of USD 2.5 million. Based on the founders’ experiences, this amount will be quickly fulfilled. The world is fast changing and becoming more decentralized … Read more

Southampton FC Scouts Sports Tech Startups for Yolo Group-Backed Future of Football Initiative

Southampton FC, along with Sport Republic and Yolo Group are today launching The Future of Football challenge to find and support the next innovative sports tech startup. The Future of Football challenge is open to innovative companies ready to shape and test their solutions for updated football experiences in either the football development or fan … Read more

Crypto Lists Announces New Coin Listings From Top Exchanges With Pre-Listing Info as Bonus

After several requests from frequent visitors, Crypto Lists is going live with a section containing all the latest coin listings from the top cryptocurrency exchanges. What may be more interesting for some readers is the pre-listing information. Before a new token goes live on an exchange, Crypto Lists will reveal the exact time and marketplace. … Read more

Cryptocurrency Exchange Blockforia.com Set to Launch During Crypto Winter

The Bulgarian cryptocurrency exchange is announcing the go-live of Blockforia.com on the eve of 2022. The company will first begin accepting customers in selected EU jurisdictions, while further expansion is expected to continue in 2023. Whilst expanding its global reach, the company itself and its day-to-day operations will continue to be domiciled in Bulgaria.  Blockforia … Read more