SafeEarth Donates $100,000 to The Ocean Cleanup Kicking Off Blockchain Eco Project

SafeEarth, a blockchain eco project, has donated over $100,000 to community selected charity The Ocean Cleanup. The donated funds will help towards the removal of plastic waste from the planet. This generous donation represents the first act of SafeEarth’s continuing initiative to help charities across the globe.  The money was raised from SAFEEARTH token transaction … Read more Releases Whitepaper for Alternative All-Inclusive and Revenue-Sharing Social Media Platform

Social media has reshaped the digital landscape, yet people worldwide feel more disconnected than ever. The big giants have all innovated successfully, but constant monetisation efforts for the sake of corporate profit have done away with interpersonal connections, and have therefore transformed the user into the product. Omni are taking this concept and making it … Read more

XELS Launches Eco-Conscious Blockchain Platform for Carbon Offset Credits

XELS, one of the leading startups tackling climate change by increasing participation and transparency in carbon markets, will list its eponymous XELS token on Bittrex Global on April 8th, 2021. Tokenized Carbon Credits XELS will provide both businesses and individuals access to a blockchain-based carbon offset platform, initially focused on tokenized voluntary carbon offset credits. These … Read more

Stratis Partners With World’s Largest .NET Development Community to Expand Developer Community

Stratis achieves another milestone as it partners with C# Corner, a 3M+ member community that works towards the advancement of knowledge and software technology. Stratis’ focus on leveraging Microsoft technologies, specifically the C# programming language, means a plethora of programmers worldwide will now be developing and supporting one another to build with Stratis Blockchain Technologies. The partnership … Read more

CPROP and seriesOne Announce Joint Venture to Build and Operate Digital Asset Securities Exchanges

CryptoProperties LLC (“CPROP”) is pleased to announce it has formed a joint venture with seriesOne Securities LLC (“seriesOne”), a US-based FINRA-registered broker. The new company, seriesOneX LLC, will focus on building securities exchanges in key financial centers around the world to serve as a regulated marketplace for digital asset securities.  SeriesOneX Exchange The first exchange … Read more

PARSIQ’s IQ Protocol Launches, Powering the Tokenized-SaaS Ecosystem of the Future

PARSIQ has launched their revolutionary IQ Protocol on testnet (Ethereum) – a decentralized finance (DeFi) solution for the SaaS market. IQ Protocol is the world’s first risk-free, collateral-less DeFi protocol to tokenize SaaS subscriptions in the DeFi space with a circular economy. IQ Protocol features several standard DeFi services, including staking, lending, and borrowing. The … Read more

State Grid Corporation of China Selects Wanchain’s Blockchain Technology to Upgrade National Data Management System

Wanglu Tech Ltd. (“Wanchain”) is pleased to announce that the State Grade Corporation of China (“State Grid”) has approved the results of its contracted feasibility study. The study systematically analyzed the impact of integrating blockchain technology into State Grid’s national data management system and concluded that Wanchain’s blockchain technology is ideal to upgrade the world’s … Read more