CFPB Announces Appointments of New Advisory Committee Members

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced today the appointment of new members to the Consumer Advisory Board, Community Bank Advisory Council, Credit Union Advisory Council, and Academic Research Council. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act charges the CFPB with establishing a Consumer Advisory Board to provide advice on a variety of … Read more

ampliFI Loyalty Solutions Partners with Visa to Launch the Visa Rewards Platform

ampliFI Loyalty Solutions, a market-leading provider of customized loyalty and engagement program solutions for financial institutions, has expanded their partnership with Visa, the world leader in digital payments. The Visa Rewards Platform (VRP) affords Visa issuers the ability to offer a fully integrated, point-based loyalty engagement program, along with the innovation and convenience of ampliFI’s … Read more

Cash Back Payout of $38+ Million Benefits DFCU Members, Local Communities

For the 17th consecutive year, DFCU Financial infuses dollars into local communities with its unprecedented Cash Back payout. Eligible members will receive $38.2 million this year for a total of more than $430 million paid back through the program since its inception. The 2023 payment—the credit union’s own local stimulus package—is the largest in the … Read more

DFCU Financial Completes First Citrus Bank Acquisition

DFCU Financial and First Citrus Bank have closed on their previously announced business combination and are now branded as DFCU Financial. This transaction creates a stronger and more comprehensive financial institution for its members.    “We are enthusiastic about this partnership and are committed to providing the exceptional level of service and support that our Florida … Read more

Acceleron Corp Becomes a Digital Correspondent Bank

Acceleron Bank, in formation, is a U.S.-based financial institution focused on enhancing the non-interest income of community banks and credit unions. Its SmartRoute technology creates a real-time auction for foreign exchange payments, compressing pricing and making banks competitive with financial technology rivals. Understanding the needs of community financial institutions, Acceleron Bank brings fully integrated international payments, … Read more

Chargeback Gurus Announces ARI: Industry’s First Predictive Analytics Engine for Preventing First-Party Misuse Chargebacks

Chargeback Gurus, a global leader in chargeback risk mitigation services for e-commerce and retail businesses, today announced the launch of ARI, a cutting-edge chargeback prevention solution that provides predictive insights for first-party misuse and sends alerts for transactions that have a higher chance of being disputed. First Party Misuse chargebacks have been a major challenge … Read more

Lead Marvels Partners With CUES to Heighten Engagement With Credit Union Executives

Lead Marvels announced today that it has formed a new partnership with the Credit Union Executives Society (CUES). A lead generation and content syndication company, Lead Marvels partners with professional associations like CUES to build digital resource libraries that allow members to engage with relevant, timely content to enhance their professional success. The unique platform … Read more

Valley Strong Credit Union and Financial Center Credit Union Announce Full Merger Approvals

A proposed merger between Valley Strong Credit Union and Financial Center Credit Union has received regulatory approval as well as consent by an overwhelming majority of Financial Center’s Members. With nearly 11% of participating Members casting ballots, 86% voted “yes,” paving the way for an Oct. 1, 2021, legal merger. The results were announced Thursday, September … Read more

Finical Holdings, LLC Completes Acquisition

Finical Holdings, LLC, a leading provider of electronic payments in North America, today announced it has completed its acquisition of Platinum Processing, LLC, DBA Zero Charge Processing.   Finical provides credit card processing services to thousands of businesses in North America. Finical markets its services through its relationships with Independent Sales partners, as well as strategic … Read more