Bright Side Loans Announces $100M Expansion Channel

Bright Side Loans, a proven online, non-prime consumer lender, announced today that it is expanding its loan origination and servicing operations via the Fintech Franchise Network (FFN), LLC, which will consist of a select group of 28 virtual consumer lending branches which will be sold as individual franchises. Founded in 2018 by long time Consumer … Read more

Tradebloc Inc. Experiences Huge Growth Post Lockdowns

Tradebloc, the leader in Credit and Debt Management, today announced they are already on pace for $25 million in revenue as of the first quarter of 2021 and expect annual revenues of at least $50 million in 2021 – Tradebloc services include Credit Monitoring, Debt Negotiations, Debt Settlement and overall Debt Relief for consumers. “The … Read more

Tradebloc Inc. Unveils Advancement in Intelligent Identity Theft Protection

Tradebloc, the leader in identity protection, today announced a new release for consumers – a powerful digital fraud protection system, IdentityIQ. With its custom design capabilities, IdentityIQ crafts protection to a consumer’s specific needs. Its feature of credit reporting and score delivery also sends out immediate notifications if there are any suspicious changes in a credit … Read more

Tradebloc Inc. Introduces Launch of Credit Monitoring That Combats Online Threats

Tradebloc today introduced its new addition to a lineup of powerful credit monitoring technologies. Over decades, Tradebloc has implemented a number of groundbreaking products and services that have outpaced the rapidly changing credit repair landscape, and as a result, secured them as the #1 provider in credit repair services. Tradebloc is now excited to announce … Read more