Hy Stor Energy in Support of Bipartisan Infrastructure Initiative

Hy Stor Energy LP (Hy Stor Energy), a company pioneering renewable hydrogen production and energy storage at scale in Mississippi, writes to express their strong support for the bipartisan Hydrogen Infrastructure Initiative recently reintroduced before Congress by Senators Chris Coons (D-DE) and John Cornyn (R-TX).  Recently passed legislation, including the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and … Read more

Wadena County, Minnesota’s First-Ever Online Tax Sale Drives Increased Bidding and Sales

The Wadena County, Minnesota Auditor-Treasurer’s Office made history by hosting the county’s first-ever online tax sale on Bid4Assets.com. The sale provided complete remote bidding capability to all auction participants and generated $422,515 in sales. Of the 41 properties offered in the sale, four were withdrawn by the county and another 29 sold at auction. “This … Read more

Franklin County Transitions to Online Sheriff’s Sales September 10

Beginning in September, the Franklin County, Pennsylvania Sheriff’s Office will begin conducting its sheriff’s sales online through real estate auction site Bid4Assets.com. The new online format eliminates COVID-19 concerns by allowing all participants to bid remotely using their cell phones, laptops and desktop computers while exposing available auctions to a wider range of buyers, increasing … Read more

Colusa County to Host Virtual Tax Sale on Bid4Assets.com

The Colusa County, California Treasurer-Tax Collector’s Office will host an online tax-defaulted properties sale through Bid4Assets.com this June. By moving the sale online, the county is exposing the properties to a wider audience, eliminating COVID-19 related concerns and greatly increasing the chances that the properties offered will be returned to the tax rolls. “The time … Read more

Beaver County Transitions to Online Sheriff’s Sales August 9

Beginning in August, the Beaver County, Pennsylvania, Sheriff’s Office will conduct its sheriff’s sales online through real estate auction site Bid4Assets.com. The first sale will be held August 9 with 14 properties currently scheduled for auction. The sale’s new online format eliminates COVID-19 concerns while exposing auctions to a wider range of buyers, allowing participants … Read more

GovQA’s Flexible Records Fulfillment Technologies Can Help Maryland Agencies Prepare for Proposed Body Camera Legislation

Maryland joins the growing list of states across the country which have passed legislation to equip officers in all of its police departments with body cameras—and are struggling with the subsequent cost of storing, reviewing and releasing footage, according to GovQA. GovQA’s Public Records Request Management software handles more Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests … Read more

Berks County’s First Online Tax Sale Generates $2,185,200

The Berks County, Pennsylvania Tax Claim Bureau’s Office conducted its first-ever online tax defaulted properties sale with online auction site Bid4Assets.com. The move online allowed all participants to bid remotely and led to a dramatic increase in registration with 163 bidders funding deposits in order to bid in the sale. Over the two-day auction, a whopping 5,044 … Read more

High Sierra Electronics Expands Suite of Road Weather Information Systems for Driver Safety

High Sierra Electronics, Inc., a leading manufacturer of environmental monitoring systems for the protection of lives and property, today announced the release of its new StormLink® RWIS Lite range of road weather solutions. The StormLink RWIS Lite Icy Road Warning System and StormLink RWIS Lite High Water Detection System provide economical options for local cities … Read more

Berks County to Hold First-Ever Online Auction for Delinquent Real Estate Taxes via Bid4Assets.com

For the first time ever, The Tax Claim Bureau of Berks County, Pennsylvania, will hold one of its delinquent real estate tax sales online via auction website Bid4Assets.com. By moving online, the county is eliminating COVID-19 concerns from the sale while exposing distressed properties to a wider group of buyers and increasing the likelihood those … Read more

Butte County to Auction 154 Tax-Defaulted Properties Online Through BidAssets.com

The Butte County Treasurer-Tax Collector’s Office will host a tax-defaulted properties sale beginning June 11, 2021. In an effort to avoid COVID-19 related concerns that may arise at a live auction, the tax-defaulted properties sale will be held through online auction website Bid4Assets.com. “Our goal is to have every property owner pay their taxes so that … Read more