DogCare Announces Launch of the World’s First Smart Pet Clipper for Fast Home Grooming

Today DogCare, pet product innovators, announced the launch of DogCare Trimmer – the world’s first smart pet clipper for fast home grooming. This feature-packed, easy-to-use trimmer helps pet owners save time and money while providing professional-level pet grooming at home. It is available now on Kickstarter: For both pets and owners, the grooming process can … Read more

Rokid Air Announces Launch of Advanced 4K AR Glasses With 120″ Virtual Screen & Voice Control AI

Today, the AR experts at Rokid announced the Kickstarter launch of Rokid Air, a game-changing new set of 4K AR glasses that deliver a stunning 120″ virtual screen experience for movies, games, apps and more with voice control AI. Rokid Air glasses are available now on Kickstarter: With AI voice control, gesture control via smartphone, … Read more

Xfanic Announces Launch of the World’s First 11-in-1 Desk Organizer With USB Hub & Multi-Device Stand

Xfanic, mobile device accessories specialists, just announced the launch of the Xfanic 11-in-1 Desk Organizer With USB Hub & Multi-Device Stand. Designed with eight essential I/O ports and a revolutionary multi-device foldable and hidden stand, Xfanic instantly organizes desktop space, relieves discomfort from bad posture and boosts productivity. Available now on Kickstarter: Xfanic is a foldable … Read more

FIR+ 20-In-1 Smart Cooking System for Healthier Cuisine Announces Kickstarter Launch

Today, a respected team of kitchen tool and cooking experts announced the launch of a revolutionary new cooking system for perfect cuisine and healthier cooking. The FIR+ 20-In-1 Smart Cooking System provides Michelin-level cuisine at the touch of a button. This 20-In-1 Smart Cooker, powered by Far Infrared Ray Technology, helps anyone cook faster, easier and … Read more

LDROBOT Announces Launch of LD-AIR LiDAR — Ultra-Small & High-Precision TOF Sensor for All Robotic Applications

LDROBOT a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development of advanced robotics, has announced the launch of LD-AIR LiDAR, a ready-to-use compliant laser sensor with 360-degree sensing capabilities. This affordable LiDAR component makes any robot smarter and is available now on Kickstarter: The ability to recognize objects and the environment is a key feature … Read more

Reinkstone Announces Launch of the R1 — An Impressive Next-Generation True-Color E-Paper Tablet

Reinkstone, an experienced group of E-paper innovators, just announced the launch of the Reinkstone R1 — the world’s first book-sized true-color E-Paper Android tablet. The R1 combines the most paper-like E-Reader experience with read-&-write capability along with a powerful 10.1″ Android tablet. It is perfectly designed for reading, writing, working, and entertainment and is available … Read more

The Purr-Fect Litter Box and No Scooping With Pluto Square

Wouldn’t it be life-changing if there was a Roomba designed to pick up after felines? PLUTO makes this a reality with their flagship product Pluto Square, the Modern Cat Litter Cube. This innovation features an industry-first stepper and canopy, weight and safety sensors, and a sieve & drop for ultimate odor control. It also features … Read more

Me Next Announces Launch of the 1st 3D-Printed Sneaker with Aerospace Technology

Today, the team of footwear innovators Me Next announced the launch of the Me Next 3D-printed sneaker designed with aerospace technology, infused with modern style and total comfort. Me Next seamlessly combines 3D-printed technology, fashion, eco-friendly materials, and comfort. This high-tech, new footwear is available now on Kickstarter: Me Next perfectly combines a groundbreaking buffer … Read more