KoreConX’s KoreChain Infrastructure Leveraged by SEC-Qualified Companies Raising Capital

KoreConX’s Infrastructure of Trust launched in 2016 is a cornerstone of the private market’s capital-raising ecosystem, designed to reduce friction in every aspect of raising capital and managing large numbers of investors. Today marks a major milestone in the private markets, with KoreConX as the only company to see its technology, which is based on … Read more

Enhanced Profiles Drive BlackRock, Invesco and Boutique Managers to The Wealth Advisor’s New Model Portfolio Selection Guide

The Wealth Advisor, a Marina Media LLC publication, today announced the upcoming launch of the first Model Portfolio & SMA Strategists: Manager Profiles & Selection Guide (the Guide) and associated digital dashboard (the Dashboard), weekly industry news channel, and other media initiatives designed to spotlight innovative investment strategies that would otherwise get lost as turnkey … Read more

FindBob Collaborates With Raymond James Financial to Launch Its ‘Practice Exchange’ Platform for Financial Advisors

FindBob has partnered with Raymond James Financial to develop and launch a robust and holistic succession planning platform, according to Roland Chan, founder and CEO of FindBob. Complementing its already-comprehensive succession and acquisition consulting infrastructure, Raymond James’ “Practice Exchange” platform comprises a new marketplace, enhanced practice management and education, and M&A tools. Powered by FindBob, … Read more