Intelygenz Becomes Latest IDC Innovator

A.I. and Automation enterprise Intelygenz have become the latest software vendors to achieve recognition as IDC Innovators for their specialization in Intelligent Process Automation, which increasingly incorporates the use of A.I. for benefit realization. Global market intelligence provider IDC determined that Intelygenz had met the criteria to become an Innovator, and therefore were selected for … Read more

Waistlines Still Expanding in the U.S., But NUTRISHOP® Can Help

Reports have shown that the recent coronavirus pandemic has led to weight gain for many home-bound Americans due to the added stress, sleeplessness, reduced activity and late-night snacking. With the arrival of 2021, “weight loss” is understandably high on the New Year’s Resolution list. NUTRISHOP can help with its array of in-store services that include InBody … Read more

Two Entrepreneurs Are Using Their Sports Knowledge to Give Back

Amid a pandemic and global terror, two entrepreneurs have decided to give back. Stewart Sykes and Charles Haas, former athletes, have created a business centered around their passion for sports.  “With everything going on in the world today, people need some additional money coming in. Stewart and I have worked together for years now, analyzing and predicting … Read more