How to Scale Conversational AI With Your Business

iQuanti: If you’ve implemented a well-designed, user-friendly conversational AI, you’re probably ready to enable and support growth in your company. This is the time to fine-tune your AI chatbot to increase its functionality and give your customers an improved user experience. To scale conversational AI right, you’ll want to find what works best for you and … Read more

Virtual Office Startup VoicePing Launches 2.0 After Raising $200M; Optimized Features Enhance Productivity and Engagement of Fully Remote and Hybrid Teams

VoicePing (, working to solve the problems in the telework system, has launched ‘VoicePing 2.0’, a brand-new virtual office SaaS service, on the 16th of November with optimal features to enhance productivity and engagement of remote teams. Having raised a total of $2M (¥2.3B) from Japan Finance Corp. and MetaReal Corp., it enables office-like or … Read more

CAI Software Announces Majority Investment by Symphony Technology Group (STG)

CAI Software, LLC (“CAI”), a leading software vendor of mission-critical, production-oriented software to the manufacturing and distribution sectors globally, announced today it has received a majority investment from Symphony Technology Group (“STG”), a private equity partner to market-leading companies in software, data and analytics. This partnership includes a significant investment to strengthen CAI’s market leadership … Read more

Can Conversational AI Succeed at ‘Humanizing’ a Brand?

iQuanti: A Genesys survey from 2019 found that 73% of respondents were open to dealing with a voice/chatbot when communicating with a brand. Nearly 70% report having positive interactions with customer service bots when they require support, and more than 20% say they can “almost always” resolve their issue through a bot without having to … Read more

Digiarty Hosts Annual 24 Days of Advent Calendar Giveaway Giving 24 Gifts Worth $938

The countdown to 2021 Christmas has started. Digiarty Software which is committed to develop quality DVD video software cooperates with 19 top-ranked software companies to launch its annual Advent Calendar 24-day giveaway on Dec.1, valid through Dec. 24, 2021. Digiarty puts 24 different types of programs together which have a total combined value of $938. Every … Read more Named Best OKR Software of 2021 by, an intuitive, cloud-based objective and key results (OKR) technology company, was recently named as a finalist for the Best OKR Software of 2021 review led by – a leading independent evaluation website for small business online tools, products and services. The OKR software reviews are the result of approximately 40 hours of in-depth … Read more