Mimecast: Understanding the Most Common Types of Cyberattacks

There are several different types of cyberattacks created to breach and interrupt private networks and systems. An organization’s security is only as strong as its weakest link, so it’s important to train workforces on preventing possible attacks. Understanding a company’s critical vulnerabilities allows for the most effective security awareness training, tech stack modifications and protocols … Read more

Trace & Recover: New Retarus Service for Transactional Emails Safeguards Application Traffic

With its new Trace & Recover service, Munich-based enterprise cloud provider Retarus offers an innovative service to benefit companies that send emails directly from their business applications. The service complements Retarus Transactional Email by caching transactional emails securely in an intelligent short-term storage – such as to allow service and contact center staff  to send … Read more

phData Acquires Tessellation, an Analytics and Business Intelligence Consulting Company

phData today announced that it has acquired Tessellation, an analytics and business intelligence consulting company. This acquisition brings Tessellation’s innovative analytics and data visualization services to phData’s growing portfolio of data engineering and machine learning solutions. phData will also inherit Tessellation’s analytics & BI learning platform, Data Coach. Full details of the acquisition were not … Read more

Quix Outperforms Spark and Flink in Stream Processing Test

Data stream processing platform Quix exceeded industry incumbents Apache Spark and Apache Flink in a test of performance, efficiency and usability, Quix announced today. The results showed that Quix Streams delivers up to 50 times greater memory efficiency than industry standard technology. This result will transform enterprise data architecture, because the cost and complexity of … Read more

Multi-Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Company Lyrid.io Announces Seed Investment, New Partners and Revenue Momentum

Lyrid (Lyrid.io), a multi-cloud infrastructure platform provider, today announced a new investment round led by a small consortium of seasoned venture investors, signed on new enterprise solutions partners and expanded its team. Lyrid’s cloud-agnostic infrastructure helps users deploy cloud native apps globally in minutes on any platform, such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. This … Read more

Webair Recognized as a Representative Vendor for DRaaS in 2021 Gartner® Market Guide for Disaster Recovery as a Service

Webair Internet Development Company, LLC. (“Webair”), a leading provider of cloud-agnostic orchestration services and disaster-recovery deployments, today announces that it has been recognized as a Representative Vendor in the Advanced Colocation/Hosting group for DRaaS in the 2021 Gartner Market Guide for Disaster Recovery as a Service report for the second consecutive year.[2] According to the … Read more

Rapid.Space Cloud to Launch Swiss Zone Focusing on Privacy and CO2 Efficiency

Rapid.Space is today launching its new “Swiss Zone,” in partnership with IWB, to provide “Fully Open” architecture (open-source software, open hardware, and open process) to one of the most technologically advanced economies in Europe. The goal of the Swiss Zone is to see how next-generation technologies fare in providing privacy and reducing the CO2 impact of the … Read more

Flux Will Pioneer the First Proof of Useful Work Blockchain

Zel Technologies GMBH announced Flux aims to be the first blockchain to successfully implement ‘Proof of Useful Work’ to secure the Flux network. Instead of solving randomized algorithms, Flux GPU mining will be directed at solving real-world problems through distributed computing such as machine learning, deep-fake detection and rendering for Folding@Home, and more. This innovation … Read more