California Supreme Court Asked to Strengthen the Right to Counsel for Thousands of Conservatees

The California Supreme Court was asked today to convene a blue-ribbon panel to review deficiencies in legal defense services provided to adults who become entangled in probate conservatorship proceedings. The request was submitted by Spectrum Institute and a variety of organizations involved in disability rights, elder care, and mental health services, along with a national coalition advancing … Read more

Racial Justice and Eviction Prevention Dominant Themes in $15 Million in Grants Awarded by Trinity Church Wall Street

Trinity Church Wall Street has awarded more than $15 million to 100 grantees to support their work, with a focus on social-justice initiatives. Most of the grants are going to organizations focused on fighting for racial justice in New York City. These groups are working on priorities from immigrant rights to Black-led community organizing to eviction prevention. “While it … Read more

Friends of Island Academy, a 30-Year Pioneering Nonprofit Supporting Young People Affected by the Criminal Justice System, Changes Its Name to Youth Justice Network

For the first time in its 30-year history, a major New York City youth justice nonprofit is changing its name from Friends of Island Academy to Youth Justice Network, a new name that embodies the organization’s long fight to break the cycles of incarceration and disproportionate confinement of young people of color held in New … Read more