JobSeer Launches New Compact View, Mini Box, to Make Job Searches More Convenient for All Job Seekers

JobSeer, the AI-powered Chrome extension tool for job seekers, announces the launch of Mini Box, a compact view that provides immediate condensed insights on candidacy for users to refer to on-the-go. In the first quarter of 2021, JobSeer has shown its commitment to deliver innovative solutions for job seekers to target the right employment opportunities … Read more

JobSeer Unveils New Visa Sponsorship Feature to Improve Job Seeking Experience for Foreign Workers

A month after JobSeer’s first release of its AI-powered Chrome extension tool consisting of advanced job matching, skills recommendation, and recruiters’ and employees’ contact finder features, JobSeer reveals the newest Visa Sponsorship Feature to help foreign workers simplify their job search by filtering the companies that sponsor work visas. Compatible with various job boards, including … Read more

The She-Cession: Women Disappearing From the Workforce

Generation USA, a global workforce development nonprofit, today announced its social campaign celebrating the eight diverse women in its C-suite, working to further opportunities for women, particularly women of color, through the organization’s reskilling programs and career and additional support offered at no cost; the mission of Generation is even more critical as the recession … Read more

Hiretual Unveils New Innovative Product, JobSeer, to Help Job Seekers Cut Through The Long Exhaustive Job Listings

JobSeer announces the release of its Chrome Extension tool to help individuals shorten the job search process with AI-powered job matching and recommendation features. JobSeer is a product launched by AI recruitment platform Hiretual to empower job seekers with accessible technology to prioritize job searches based on individual preferences and qualifications. Compatible with various job boards, including … Read more