Experts Might Have Found a Better Way to Cultivate Medicinal Cannabis in Australia

An Australian cannabis enterprise teamed up with Australia’s national science agency CSIRO to execute a six-month study into the cultivation of medical cannabis in Australia. The study was funded by a $50,000 federal government grant, and researchers involved claim to have uncovered a more environmentally-friendly way to grow medicinal cannabis – which would also reduce … Read more

California Lightworks Unveils SpectraMax 1000: The Ultimate LED Grow Light for Maximum Yields and Quality Results

California Lightworks, a leading manufacturer of high-performance LED grow lights, today announced the launch of its new SpectraMax line of variable spectrum fixtures. The SpectraMax Vertical 1000 is an extremely powerful, feature-packed vertical grow light that boasts the highest Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) light output the company has ever offered. “We are excited to launch … Read more

D9 THC Nerd Ropes Are Now Part of The Hemp Doctor Family

Attention cannabis nerds, aka enthusiasts. Just when consuming cannabis would not get any more exciting, The Hemp Doctor launched a new Delta 9 THC product — D9 THC Nerd Ropes.  Go back in time with The Hemp Doctor’s dispensary-grade D9 THC Nerd Ropes. With these new Delta 9 treats, satisfy the sweet tooth, the endocannabinoid system, the … Read more

Premium Cannabinoid Partnership Between Flord and DistroMike

Flord, a leading provider of rare legal cannabinoids, is proud to announce its partnership with DistroMike, a top wholesaler in the industry. DistroMike will serve as the exclusive master distributor for Flord’s latest product, a 2ml disposable HHC THCP and live terpene vape pen. Third-party testing shows Flord’s potency the highest in the industry, which will … Read more

House of Kush Partners With SunMed Growers to Grow, Process House of Kush Legacy Strains

House of Kush (HOK), debuting with the popular SFV O.G. Kush — a revered O.G. Legacy Strain that earned sixth-place at the Emerald Cup, announced today the launch of a growing and processing collaboration with SunMed Growers, Maryland’s largest cannabis grower.  HOK is bringing legacy strains and legacy names to the market, including all-time great strains like … Read more

Experts at Levin Health Explain the Difference Between CBD and THC

The cannabis plant, cannabis sativa, contains 80-100 cannabinoids, including delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). When cannabinoids act on the body’s endocannabinoid system (the communication system naturally found in the body and brain), they can regulate activities such as mood, memory, sleep and appetite.    Experts at Levin Health, an Australian sports science company that focuses … Read more

Stirling CBD Discusses Impact of CBD on Busy Entrepreneurs

Stirling CBD, the leader in natural and potent cannabinoid product, has been reviewing the effects CBD has on the lives of business leaders and how its products can make a positive impact. A recent study by the American Institute of Stress found that stress levels in the country are rising. Eighty-seven percent of participants in the … Read more

Theory Wellness Begins Round Two of Its Social Equity Program Supporting Emerging Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Theory Wellness (“Theory” or “the Company”) has announced its search for the next wave of cannabis entrepreneurs in Massachusetts. Through its website, the company has begun collecting submissions from prospective social equity or economic empowerment candidates to become the next sponsorship recipient. The Cannabis Control Commission certifies the status of social equity or economic empowerment to … Read more

How CBD Helped Save the Life of Stirling CBD’s Founder

According to the National Cancer Institute, roughly 1.9 million people will be diagnosed with cancer in the United States in 2022. Stirling CBD founder Joe Kryszak’s life changed when he received a cancer diagnosis in 2020. Kryszak shares how his company, Stirling CBD, helped him discover his cancer and contribute to his treatment and recovery. … Read more