DYNAYAK— the Latest Waterproof Portable Outdoor Power Station

DYNAYAK represents the great wilderness. N35 represents the isolated land at 35 degrees north latitude. N35 is designed just to meet a variety of severe environments and provide a stable and reliable power supply. The inability to use electricity bothered outdoor enthusiasts for so many years. Till now, there has been no generator in the … Read more

Aeri is Launching an Inflatable Shade Canopy

Aeri is the first of its kind to enter the consumer canopy category with an instant inflatable shade canopy. Unlike traditional canopies that are challenging to set up, let alone pack away once finished, Aeri is lightweight and sets up quickly so everyone can fully enjoy the outdoors with ease. This patent-pending canopy is lightweight, … Read more

SEPTEM Launches the Smallest Pure Titanium Camp Grill & Hotplate on Kickstarter

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign for the EATI | Anti-bacterial Titanium Utensil Multi-Tool, SEPTEM continues to focus on creating an ultra-light, incredibly durable camping necessity for backpackers, hikers, and all manner of outdoors people. The SEPTEM titanium Grill & Hotplate is the lightest backpacking grill on the planet. It has been specifically designed to suit the needs of lightweight camping … Read more